May 17, 2018

Telecom war

As we are seeing a price war and telecom companies going bankrupt.
Offlate Aircel and Rcom has stopped operations.
Airtel's profit has been squeezed.
Vodafone and idea merger is to be followed.
When all the telecom companies are facing losses,how Reliance Jio can make profit?I want to ask this question to you.
Have you ever noticed that nobody is talking about BSNL which can give you a stemless service when MTNL and bank is merged.
BSNL is a company which has presence everywhere.
In the coming days if everyone start using BSNL as their main number the effect can be different and we don't have to see another bankrupt company.

Mar 16, 2018

Jesus Brooch

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Jan 16, 2018

Full life study Bible in Hindi

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Jan 2, 2018

Free Books Distribution program

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Jul 9, 2017

Kashmir unrest

For quite some times we are seeing unrest in Kashmir region.
To all travellers my humble request you to avoid this place.Once it was known as heaven on earth but now the place is like hell,where stone pelters through stones on all and especially on Friday will be more.curfew and imposing 144 is common.
For more details comments are welcome.