Nov 22, 2007

Hindi Study Bible

1st time in India Hindi study Bible

promote this study bible to Hindi speaking people to go into the deeper knowledge of Holy Bible

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Nov 9, 2007

Living Water Mission

Welcome to Living Water Mission

1. Introduction
Living Water Mission is a non-governmental organization, established in the year 1998 to spread God’s love and care among commercial sex workers, living in Mumbai.

There are 300,000 commercial sex workers in Mumbai alone. Girls between 10 to 14 years of age are lured to this trade from India and from neighboring Nepal, Burma and Bangladesh with false hopes of a better future, like a rich spouse, a lucrative job or a foray into the film industry. Nearly half of them are infected with HIV. 2. The vision Jesus Christ came into this world to save sinners. The kingdom of heaven has suffered violence and the violent take it by force. Their salvation is impossible by man but with God, everything is possible. The tax collectors and prostitutes believe him and enter the Kingdom of God, ahead of us. He promises to give them the Living Water along with the commandment “from now on do not sin again”
3. Our Mission Living water mission ventures to draw women out of this trade, rehabilitate them and offer them a new life in Christ Jesus. 4. Field work (Activities): a) Reaching out to the commercial sex workers living in different parts of Mumbai city and surroundings with the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
b) Creating awareness about AIDS through rallies and visual aids
c) Medical assistance and basic drugs are provided, free of cost.
d) Providing financial assistance to those who would like to reconcile with their parents or return to their homes where they are also followed up.
5. Rehabilitation center: This has been set up with the following objectives:
a) To accommodate those women who have been rescued from the trade and to offer them free boarding and food. We do our best to help them feel at home.
b) These women on entry to the centre are evaluated initially and periodically if required. To those who have been found to be tested positive with The HIV virus, medical assistance is provided.
c) Vocational training is provided as per their interests.
d) Spiritual guidance is provided in form of regular bible studies, worship services and prayer meetings, film shows, music etc.

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© 2007 Living Water Mission

Nov 2, 2007

Importance of Copyright

As a Christian many of us are not aware of the importance of copyright.Can somebody share me about the importance of copyright.Is there any non copyright product available like literature,audio tapes,c.ds etc

Oct 29, 2007

JOHN 3:16

This is so beautiful!
John 3:16

A little boy was selling newspapers on the corner,
the people were in and out of the cold.

The little boy was so cold that he wasn't trying to sell
many papers.

He walked up to a policeman and said,
you wouldn't happen to know where a poor boy could
find a warm place to sleep tonight would you

You see, I sleep in a box up around the corner there and
down the alley and it's awful cold in there for tonight.

Sure would be nice to have a warm place to stay."

The policeman looked down at the little boy and said, "You
go down the street to that big white house and you knock
on the door. When they come out the door you just say

John 3:16,
and they will let you in."

So he did. He walked up the steps and knocked on the
door, and a lady answered. He looked up and said,

"John 3:16 ."
The lady said, "Come on in, Son."

She took him in and she sat him down in a split bottom
rocker in front of a great big old fireplace, and she went
off. The boy sat there for a while and thought to himself:

John 3:16
...I don't understand it, but it sure makes
a cold boy warm.

Later she came back and asked him "Are you hungry
He said, "Well, just a little. I haven't eaten in a couple of
days, and I guess I could stand a little bit of food,"

The lady took him in the kitchen and sat him down to a table
full of wonderful food. He ate and ate until he couldn't eat
any more. Then he thought to himself:

John 3:16
...Boy, I sure don't understand it but it sure
makes a hungry boy full.

She took him upstairs to a bathroom to a huge bathtub
filled with warm water, and he sat there and soaked for a
while. As he soaked, he thought to himself:
John 3:16 ...
I sure don't understand it, but it sure makes a dirty boy
clean. You know, I've not had a bath, a real bath, in my
whole life. The only bath I ever had was when I stood in
front of that big old fire hydrant as they flushed it out.
The lady came in and got him. She took him to a room,
tucked him into a big old feather bed, pulled the covers
up around his neck, kissed him goodnight and turned out
the lights. As he lay in the darkness and looked out the
window at the snow coming down on that cold night,
he thought to himself:
John 3:16 ....I don't understand it but
it sure makes a tired boy rested.

The next morning the lady came back up and took him
down again to that same big table full of food. After he
ate, she took him back to that same big old split bottom
rocker in front of the fireplace and

picked up a big old Bible.

She sat down in front of him and looked into his young face.
"Do you understand
John 3:16 ? " she asked gently. He
replied, "No, Ma'am, I don't. The first time I ever heard it
was last night when the policeman told me to use it,"
She opened the
Bible to John 3:16 and began to explain
to him about
Jesus. Right there, in front of that big old fireplace,
he gave his heart and life to Jesus. He sat there
and thought:
John 3:16 -- don't understand it, but it sure
makes a lost boy feel safe.

You know, I have to confess I don't understand it either,
God was willing to send His Son to die for me, and how
would agree to do such a thing. I don't understand
the agony of the Father and every angel in heaven as
they watched
Jesus suffer and die. I don't understand the intense
love for ME that kept
Jesus on the cross till the end.
I don't understand it, but it sure does make life worth living.

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only
begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should
not perish, but have everlasting life.

If you aren't ashamed to do this, please follow the directions

said, "If you are ashamed of me, I will be ashamed
of you before my Father." Pass this on only if you mean it.

I do Love
God. He is my source of existence.. He keeps
me functioning each and every day.
Phil 4:13 If you love
and are not ashamed of all the marvelous things he
has done for you, send this on.

Take 60 seconds & give this a shot
Let's just see if
Satan stops this one.

All you do is:

Simply say a small prayer for the person who sent you this,
God bless this person in whatever it is that You know
he or she may be needing this day

In Jesus Name
Amen ! "

Oct 12, 2007

Prayer Walk

It is my immense pleasure to share about the importance of prayer walk.
Many a times we speak about prayer and we do nothing about it.To tell you about me I was a person who never wanted come in front or do something for the lord.When I surrendered completely to the call of god the lord gave me a burden to go over the places and pray and I will give you the land.The lord opened the ways and even I was there in Nepal during 2005.Whenever time permits and I go to places and pray over.

Aug 5, 2007

Christian Media Convention

The idea of this convention is gr8 as the need is high as publishers,authors,and distributers can join together...