Jan 22, 2008

Nepal Trip Jan 2008

During Nepal Ministry

We started the journey to hills from Lother 40 km away from Narayangad.
Bro Sunder Singh accompanied me along with Local pastors Surya Bahadur Chepang and Ruben Chepang.For translation sis Manju was with us and sis Beena for singing.We started by 11.30 A.M. and walked in river and rough routes and reached the holl base by 5.50 P.M.With the help of torch we started to walk in the hilly area it was so steep that after 10 steps I was not able to go further but by the grace of god we reached the place by 8.15p.m.I was totally exasted but after dinner we had a prayer session and the lord renewed our strength.We spent the night in a hut where there was a small window without shutter and chill air was flowing but the lord gave strength to resist the cold.

Got up in the morning and had a breakfast of white honey.Then by 9.00 A.M. we went to the tribal church.further up and top of that mountain.We had a wonderful time of worship they were so happy cos we are the first outsider to reach that place.

After the worship we started walking to the next mountain at 1.15 P.M. and reached there by 6.15 P.M.

You can find believers coming to worship from various parts of mountains. Bro Sunder Singh is standing 2nd from right.

We were the first outsider to reach that place.
Praise God.............