Sep 15, 2008

A Queen in His Kingdom

A Queen in His Kingdom

I would like to share with you about three life-changing events. TheAccident - The first event happened when Iwas ten years old. Onemoment I was sleeping in the back seat of my parents' car with noworries in the world, and the next moment there were ambulances allaround, and doctors telling my parents I would never walk again.Before the accident, I was a normal ten-year-old girl. I could walkand run and jump and dance. But, after the accident I found myselfconfined to a wheelchair, unable to move or feel my legs. I spiraledinto depression. Everywhere I went, people stared at me and felt sorryfor me. I felt sorry for myself. At the age of ten, I felt like mylife was over. My dreams would never come true. I would be an invalidfor the rest of my life. ThePageant - Now, I am going to skip over the second life-changing eventfor a few moments and share with you about the third life-changingevent. The third event happened when I was in the twelfth grade. Iwas invited to participate in the Miss Teen of Washington Pageant (abeauty pageant for the state I live, it is like the qualifying pageantsfor Miss India or Miss Universe, but it is for teenagers). My firstreaction was that that there was no way I could enter thiscompetition. I had never heard of a girl in a wheelchair entering abeauty pageant, let alone seen a beauty queen in a wheelchair. But myparents encouraged me to pray and seek God's will. So we prayed andGod told me to enter the competition. God also told me that if He hasgiven me a talent, then I should use the talent, and when people say“job well done,” I should give Him the glory. God also told me tothank Him in all things, good or bad, because He is in control and canturn any situation around. Withthis guidance, I entered the competition. From the first moment,everything seemed to be going wrong. When I arrived at the venue forthe competition, which was almost 2 hours away from my home, Iremembered that I had forgotten some of my important paperwork athome. That evening I arrived at the competition around 6:00 PM andassumed they would provide dinner, but they did not. I went to bedhungry. That night, I could not sleep; I was too scared, nervous andexcited. The next morning, I was up and ready, way before the wake-upcall ever came, waiting for my breakfast. It was supposed to bedelivered to our room. But, as “luck” would have it, my room wasconveniently forgotten! Thecompetition began and it was time for the Interview, which was worth25% of the final score. In the interview, we went before a panel ofthree judges who could ask us any questions for five minutes. Theinterview started off okay as I shook the three judge's hands, and weexchanged greetings. We conversed for a bit, then one of the judgesasked me, "you are in a wheelchair, why are you here?" Upon hearingthis question, I began to cry. Not only was I nervous, hungry, andsleepy, but it was a difficult question for me. I did not know why Iwas there. There were about 30 girls in the competition and I was theonly one in a wheelchair. I was not like the other girls. Perhaps thejudge was subtly telling me that I did not belong. Still,the interview continued, and through my sobs and with tears rollingdown my cheeks, I continued to answer questions. Just as I stoppedcrying, time was called, and I had to leave. Iwent up to my room and phoned my mom. I had never thought that I wouldwin the competition. My goal had been to be in the top eight. Nowthat I had cried during the interview that was worth 25% of the finalscore, there was no chance that I would meet my goal. As I told Momwhat had happened, she simply reminded me that God had said to thankHim in all things even if they didn't appear to be "good." In obedience, a

weak, "Thank You Jesus," proceeded from my lips. Thenext day the final pageant began on stage. They began to announce thetop eight. Each time a name was announced, my heart fell. Even thoughI knew I would not be called as a finalist because I had cried duringmy interview, I still wished that I would. By the time the seventhfinalist was announced, I had pretty much given up. I looked around meand picked the prettiest girl, expecting that her name would be callednext. To my surprise, I heard my name. I began to praise the Lord. Thatnight continued like a dream. From the top eight, I made it to the topfour. I could feel God helping me every step of the way. He wastelling me what to say. He was guiding me on what to do. Soon it wastime to announce the runners-up and the new Miss Teen of Washington.They began with the Third and Second Runner-ups. I was sure that Iwould be one of them, but each time, a different name was announced.Finally, only another girl and I were left on stage. I looked at herand she was tall and thin and experienced with pageants. So, Iprepared myself to be second place. Thefirst Runner-up was announced, and when I didn't hear my name, I justburst into tears. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought that Iwould be the new Miss Teen of Washington and the first person in awheelchair to ever win a pageant against other able-bodied girls. Thisis not my victory a lone, but also my Heavenly Father’s. The firstquestion I asked the judges was, “How could I make it even to the topeight when I cried during the interview?” I was told that I hadreceived the highest score in the interview portion. The judges toldme that I was a teenager and they had asked a difficult question. Thefact that I hadn't just run out of the interview in tears, but hadstayed to answer every question showed strength and courage. Like theLord had said, "Thank Me in all things and I can turn any situationaround." He turned the hearts of the judges around. TheTransformation - Now, you may wonder how I went from being thisdepressed ten year old who felt like her life was over, to having thestrength and courage to try out for the Miss Teen of WashingtonPageant. The answer is the second life-changing event, when my familyand I came to know Jesus. Iam from a Jain family. We were a very religious family, especiallyafter the car accident. After the accident, people sent my parentsprayers from all over the world saying, "If you say this prayer thisnumber of times every day, your daughter will be healed." My mom waspraying from morning to night to all of the different gods andgoddesses, in hopes that I would be healed. But nothing happened. Momhad a constant headache. She was always tense; trying to ensure thatshe did not forget to repeat any of the prayers people had sent her. Myparents spent thousands of dollars giving offerings to religiousteachers who would say "If you give us this much money, we will performa ritual and your daughter will be healed on such-and-such date." But,the dates came and went and there was no miracle. There was onlytension, sorrow and discord in my family. Thenwe met a Christian man who began coming to our house to pray for myhealing. As he read to me from the Bible and began to tell me aboutJesus, I was confused. I had always thought that God was angry with meand that is why I was in this wheelchair. I believed I was beingpunished for my bad karma or sins. But this man was telling me Jesuswas not like that. Jesus came to forgive us for our sins, not topunish us for them. He told me that Jesus loves me. He loves me somuch that He died for me. I don't know when or how, but I started tobelieve in this Jesus, this God of love and forgiveness. Theman then introduced us to a Christian family that began inviting us tochurch. Without fail, they would invite us to attend church with themevery Sunday and Wednesday. My parents were not interested in going tochurch. However, they decided that the only way to stop the family'sconstant calls was to go to church and then to tell them, “We did notlike it, so we are not coming back again.” Onenight, my Mom, Dad and I went to church. My parents prayed a silentprayer in their hearts, "Jesus if you are real, show us somethingtoday, otherwise we are not coming back." I prayed, "Jesus, I know youare real, show my parents something tonight or else I know they willnever come back again." Afterthe service, we were invited to go to the front of the church forprayer. The ladies gathered around me and started to pray with me,telling me to say "I need you Jesus. I love you Jesus." But, as I wastrying to pray, all of the sudden, I found I couldn't speak. Soonsomeone said I was being filled with the Holy Spirit. My parents didnot know what this “Holy Spirit” was, but figured since it was "Holy,"it must be ok. A little while later, however, someone said this wasnot the Holy Spirit, but a bad spirit and they would have to cast itout. They said the whole church would fast and pray and to come backon Sunday and the spirit would be cast out. Webegan attending every church service. The people would pray for me,but nothing would happen. They were unable to cast out the badspirit. The fourth time we went to church, Mom was feeling frustratedand angry. She felt like we were stuck. Because there was this badspirit we had to come to this church, but the church members wereunable to do anything. That night Mom refused to go forward at the endof the service or pray as she was being told to. Up until that day Momhad never prayed to Jesus. Even in church she had just said her ownprayers. But that night, Mom does not know why, but she joined herhands together, knelt at her seat and said "Jesus I need you." As soonas she did this she felt a feeling that she describes as “meltedbutter” going from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. Itfelt like God's love was showering down upon her. She said it was thebest feeling she had ever felt. She said she would have done anythingfor this feeling never to end. But, the feeling ended about 30 minuteslater. Mom asked what had happened and was told that she had receiveda “touch” of the Holy Spirit. Now,curious about what this Holy Spirit was, Mom inquired further. She wastold that the Holy Spirit is a free gift from God that anyone who askswill receive. They told Mom that the Holy Spirit does not possessanyone, cause them to lose their consciousness or force anyone to dostrange things. Instead, they told Mom that when you receive the HolySpirit, He fills you heart with joy, peace and love. They said thatthe sign that you have been “filled” with the Holy Spirit is that Godbegins to pray through you in a language you do not understand. Momdid not fully understand what they were talking about, but said toherself, "If a touch of this Holy Spirit is so good, the entire thingmust be awesome. I want whatever it is." Aweek later on Monday, Mom sent us all off to school, telling us thatshe intended to pray until she was filled with the Holy Sprit. Shebegan to pray and soon she had said everything she could think ofsaying. She was sitting, waiting on God, with her mouth slightly open,when all of the sudden she began to speak in a language she didn'tunderstand. Immediately she was filled with such joy, that she dancedaround the house (and if you know my mom, she does not dance, that wasthe joy of the Lord in her). When we came home from school Mom waslaughing. We had not seen her this happy since the accident. Thatnight Mom prayed for my dad, placing her hand on his heart. Dad had avery bad heart condition. He could not walk one city block withoutstopping due to chest pain. The very next day Dad walked from hisoffice, 0.7 miles all uphill without stopping. Praise God! This wasthe first physical miracle we witnessed. Bythe end of the week, my eldest sister said she wanted to receive theHoly Spirit. She began to pray and two minutes later, she was filledwith the Holy Spirit and speaking in that other language. Seeing this,I did not want to be left behind. So, I started praying to receive theHoly Spirit also. But, as soon as I started to pray, again, I couldnot speak. We started to cast out the bad spirit as we had seen themdo in church. But nothing happened. We called the Christian man whohad first told us about Jesus and prayed with him for 2 hours over thephone. Still, nothing happened. Finally the man said, "I don't thinkthis is a bad spirit, I think this is the Holy Spirit. Say 'thank youJesus' and see what happens." Assoon as we thanked God for the Holy Spirit I started speaking in anunknown language. It had never been a bad spirit; it had been the HolySpirit all along. The people at that church had just failed toproperly recognize it. Now that we think back, we see how it was allin God's perfect plan. The first time we went to church, I was filledwith the Holy Spirit. However, it would have meant nothing to myparents. They would never have come back to church. But because theythought it was a bad spirit, they kept going back to church to have itcast out, and in the process Jesus worked in their hearts and showed usall who He is. Thenext day my other sister and my father were filled with the HolySpirit. My family has been following and serving Jesus ever since.Immediately, the joy, peace and happiness returned to my family thathad been missing for four years. We went from being a family thatnever smiled, to smiling so much that people often ask us, “Why are youso happy all the time?” Mylittle brother was only five years old at the time. For years hisfaith in Jesus was based solely on our faith in Jesus. But, thatchanged the summer after my brother turned thirteen. He was diagnosedwith a rare and fatal kidney disease. The doctors told my parents thatmy brother would be on dialysis by the end of the year and dead inthree years. Normal kidneys secrete 0-150mg of protein a day. Mybrother was leaking over 9000mg of protein in his urine. The doctorsgave us no hope. Our only hope was Jesus. And when you put your hopein Jesus, He does not let you down. Within one year, despite thedoctor’s predictions, my brother was completely healed. His proteinlevels went from 9000mg to 6mg. Today my brother is baptized in theHoly Spirit, loves God and is completely healed. The doctors areamazed at what they themselves admit is a miracle. ThePromise - Some people look at me and say, “But you are still in awheelchair. Jesus has not healed you. So, what is the big deal?”But, Jesus has promised me that He will heal me in His time. When Iwas fifteen years old, Jesus spoke to my mom and told her, “Millions ofpeople will know about Sungeeta before I heal her.” At the time wequestioned how millions of people could know about an ordinary girl.However, after I won the Miss Teen of Washington Pageant, my story wentin television and newspapers all over the world and millions of peopleknew about me. If the first part of what the Lord said has come true,the second part will come true as well. He will heal me. Right nowthe Lord has said that He will take us around the world to preach theGospel and as we lay hands on the sick they will recover. Then He willheal me. TheLord has been doing just that. Within months of coming to know Jesus,my family was lead by the Spirit to embark on our first mission’s tripto India. The Lord promised that His angels would go before us and Hewould give us the words to speak. He is true to His word. All we hadwas the simple faith that all things are possible in Jesus’ name and nomatter what, Jesus is stronger. As we laid our hands on the sick andoppressed, all we knew to do was to say, “In Jesus name.” Then wewould pray in the Holy Spirit language. The Lord did the rest. Peoplewould spontaneously begin repenting. Evil spirits began to flee. Thesick were healed. Many were filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. Wecontinued these annual trips, seeing the Lord do amazing miracles bothin India and the US. In the early years, we mostly shared the love ofJesus with our friends and family. But, in the summer of 2002 the Lordspoke and told us that He now He was going to take us not only to ourfamily, but to the people of this world, to share His love. Afterthat, God opened the door for us to minister in churches, hospitals,slum, schools, businesses, conventions, street corners, marketplaces,and just about anywhere people will listen. We have seen people healedof all manner of diseases, financial difficulties, job issues, tension,addictions, and oppression, as we pray in the name of Jesus. TheFuture - On September 1, 2005, my mother and I were supposed to flyback from India to the US after a 5 week mission’s trip. Just a fewhours before our flight, my sister and I went to the market. Aten-year-old boy, Sakir, approached me and asked me to purchase thelotus flowers he was selling. I noticed that there was something wrongwith Sakir’s eyes. “Is there something wrong with your eyes?” I asked.

Sakirnodded, “Yes.” He told me that he had a congenital cataract in oneeye. As a result, he had been blind in his right eye since birth. Ifelt the Holy Spirit prompt me, and I blurted out, “If we pray for youreye, Jesus can heal it. Can we pray for you?” As soon as I said this,I felt a surge of panic run through my body. What was I saying? Whatwas I thinking? What if God didn’t do it? I tired to back-peddle,qualifying my statement. But the Holy Spirit stopped me. So, in faithI repeated, my voice shaking a bit, “If we pray for your eye, Jesus canheal it. Can we pray for you?” Sakirwas shy, and perhaps a little confused, but he agreed. Right in themiddle of the marketplace, I reached my hand out and placed it onSakir’s forehead. My sister and I began to pray. After saying a shortprayer, I asked Sakir if he felt any improvement. Honestly, I did notexpect that anything had happened. But, to my surprise, Sakirresponded and said he could see more clearly. I felt the faith withinme rise. With excitement, I asked Sakir if we could pray again. Thistime he immediately jumped on the offer. Weprayed a few times and the Lord restored vision to Sakir’s eye. Wordof the miracle spread through the marketplace like wildfire. Peoplebegan asking for prayer and the Lord began performing miracles. Acrowd of approximately thirty people formed around us. That night wesaw many vision problems healed as well as healings from a variety ofpains. Four people were even filled with the Holy Spirit, with theevidence of speaking in tongues. Withthis unexpected, “mini-revival” breaking out, how could we just flyback to the US? God had greater plans. I begged my Dad to change myMom’s and my flight back to the US. Startingthe next day, random people began coming to our home in India forprayer. Over the next ten days, everyday, twenty to thirty people cameover for prayer. Many were healed and filled with the Holy Spirit. Wesaw the Lord heal asthma, arthritis, hernias, slipped discs, sinusproblems, eyesight problems, and hearing problems. The last day a ladywho did not have an eardrum started to hear. Some of the people evenhad their healings medically verified. Duringthe ten days that we stayed over in India after the miracle in themarketplace, God began to work in our hearts. At first, we tried todeny it, but we knew that the Lord was calling Mom and me back toIndia. He was calling us back to the people, who in less than afortnight had made their way into our hearts. Weleft India on September 11. I returned to work (as a lawyer) in the USon September 13. On September 16, I gave notice at my job (I was afifth year associate at a large Seattle-based law firm). In the flesh,it was not easy to do. I was turning my back on all that I had workedfor…all that I knew…trading it in for the unknown. But, in the SpiritI knew I had no other choice. On November 11, Mom and I moved back

to India to start The Orphanage Project and to work as God leads us. TheChallenge - Jesus has completely changed our lives and He can changeyour life too…if you give Him a chance. As soon as we came to knowJesus and were filled with the Holy Spirit, instantly, the joy andhappiness returned to my family. God, who had once seemed so far away,is now right here with us. When we pray we no longer wondered if Godhears our prayers, but we know that He not only hears our prayers, butHe answers them as well. When we cry we no longer wonder if God seesour tears, but know that He not only sees our tears, but wipes themaway. When we are happy we no longer wonder if God sees our happiness,but know that He not only sees our happiness, but celebrates with us.God is real to us. Believingin Jesus does not mean changing your culture or your heritage. I amstill very much Indian. I am a strict vegetarian. I wear ethnicclothing. I speak Hindi. I observe cultural traditions. Believing inJesus simply requires a change of heart and a new relationship with ourCreator. Ido not expect you to believe in Jesus because of what you have justread. I did not believe in Jesus because of anything anyone told me.I asked Him to show me if He was real. He did. In the same way, ifyou ask Him, with an open heart and mind, to show you His reality, Hewill. Close your eyes and ask Him now. You have nothing to lose, buteverything to gain. Just pray, “Jesus, I need You. I want to knowYou. Show me Your reality.” *** Ifyou have any questions, concerns, or need prayer, please feel free tocontact us either via email at Prayer iscompletely free of charge, with no strings attached. You can learnmore about our vision to start an orphanage, youth retreat andrehabilitation center, old-age home and other works at

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