Jan 29, 2009

Is my Church kingdom oriented or self oriented?

This blog is meant for a healthy discussion to explore the need of the hour.
I happened to meet Pastor Jacob koshy and Bro Freddy Joseph along with Bro Steve(Power Team) in pastor's Hotel room on 26th jan 2009 in Dharmapuri.
While talking about various subjects Bro Freddy threw a question.
How many evangelists or the preacher the church has produced?Then he shared his burden for this end time saying.If we take leading preacher's of our nation's they had individual calling and most of them were not encouraged or sent by the church.Though seem to be easy to discuss but I was really moved with the question.
1.Bro Freddy said 2000 years before One of the Apostle came to Chennai and still we don't find much happening in the country.
2.Bro Steve said that if some church can produce good preacher he will be thankful to the congregation also the whole church will uphold them in their prayers so we can see good result.
3.Pastor Koshy was sharing the ways to make a church kingdom oriented.

The same question I ask you are you kingdom oriented or self oriented.Pl comment.

Jan 24, 2009

Audio Bible Download.

Here is an oppurtunity to download Audio Bible in your own language,

Faith Comes By Hearing.com

Jan 7, 2009

Vesta Jaisy Sings

The lord has blessed her with good voice to be used for the glory of the lord.Pl pray for her.

Jan 5, 2009

Distributing Literature Throughout India more effectively

Greetings to you in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
Today I am going to talk about the problem faced by Christian Media specially Publishing house.
In this crucial time where the knowledge of the lord is dying fast and people find it difficult to give time for the lord and so is their spiritual growth.
We are spending thousands of rupees for the general studies that too for 70 to 80 years in this world.But for eternity what we are doing?
We from SIM(SERAH India Ministries) just exploring some of the facts why the literature ministry is slow.Some of the problem we are stating below.
1.Non availability
2.Cost effectiveness
3.No proper review
It all started with small group of believers who had a passion to do something for the lord.
1.Books should be available in all corners of the nation without overhead.
2.If we publish more number of copies we can reduce the drastically.(Jointly we can publish)
3.Review is important to fight cult.
If you want to act as a distributor feel free to mail us at info@serahindia.com
Also your comments are invited.