Dec 12, 2009

ONCE DEAD NOW ALIVE By P. David Chellaiah

              In the morning of 18th December, 2008, while I was having a cup of tea with a friend in Brickfields Kuala Lumpur, I felt a terrible and severe pain in the lower abdomen area of my stomach and vomitted four times in the restaurant. I rushed back home frantically in my car. As soon as I reached the house I was repeatedly depressing the horn, banging close the car doors and shouting “Take me to the  hospital.” I was admitted on the 18th December, 2008 and discharged on the 10th June, 2009.

Immediately my wife and son got themselves organised and took me to a private hospital in Taman Desa and then rushed me in an ambulance to the General Hospital Kuala Lumpur. I was admitted and straightaway taken to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). After a thorough examination, the doctors diagnosed that I was suffering from  “ Acute Pancreatitis With Massive Intraperitonial Bleeding “ Please also read the article “Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death”
(Ps 23:4) by Lila Chelliah in our TMC Newsletter Volume 11 Issue 2.  

As I was informed later, the doctors confirmed that my case looked to be quite without hope and with a slim chance for survival. And just after my operation, I started my six months traumatic bedridden experience of lying on my sick bed. Within that six months, I was admitted, discharged and entered ICU four times whereby I underwent three operations, eight surgical incisions and more than seventy over injections which caused excruciating pain and created a psychological trauma in me against injections.

Before wheeling me into the operation theatre in the ICU the head of the team of doctors would inform me on what procedures they were about to carry out. The surgeon, physician, specialist and doctors said that my case is very serious with great risk and with little or no chance for survival. By human standards, death was assured for me but there was hope in the promise of Jesus Christ that He had appointed and anointed me and my wife to finish His work that He had planned and started for us.

One day, as my wife walked into my ward and saw me bleeding profusely from the two incisions made on the sides to drain out the collection of blood and fluids. On one side I was being given a blood transfusion and on the other side I was bleeding like a tap that was not properly closed. I was surrounded by doctors, who were doing their best, while preparing me for another emergency operation. SUDDENLY I COLLAPSED, MY EYES ROLLED BACK AND I STOPPED BREATHING. SHE HELD ME IN HER ARMS AND SAID, ‘In the name of Jesus, you have the resurrected power of God in your life, get back now…!’ AND AS SHE REPEATED THAT IN THE PRESENCE OF ALL THE DOCTORS, I GASPED AND CAME BACK. I SURVIVED THAT OPERATION.

After the third operation, my wife’s former Standard One pupil, who had become a specialist doctor, showed special attention to take care of me and encouraged my wife from time to time. He briefed us on the diagnosis and said that 93% of such cases never survived.

As the doctors and nurses prepared me to be wheeled into the operation theatre, I would praise and thank God for the living Word which confirmed that if “I believed in Him, I will be saved and that His Holy Spirit and Himself will be with
me.” Since Jesus is with me and my body belongs to Him, I told Jesus to take my body into the operation theatre and bring it back. Normally after this prayer, I would feel peaceful and very calm in my spirit and this happened always when I was taken for operation or surgical incisions.

For the first four and half months, the senior doctors confirmed periodically through their medical knowledge, expertise and human experience that I was a dead man with no hope for survival.

The doctors, my family members, my relatives, Church brothers and sisters and friends who visited me and seeing me in that medical condition had the impression that I would never survive because there was no hope. Though negative thoughts were expressed, I admired and appreciated the positive and consistent faith and belief of my wonderful wife, who fasted and prayed, for the hope she had in Jesus Christ of His almighty power in heaven. My wife had also full and adamant faith in the Living Word and the resurrected power of Jesus Christ.

When senior doctors with their team visited me from time to time, they were thrilled and excited over my miraculous recovery from death. From their worldly and medical experience and individual attitude, they started to realise the positive things that was happening where my body was slowly blooming and blossoming into life once again. It was a situation where Jesus assured us that “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly “ (Jn10:10).   Most of the doctors (non-Christians) appreciated my wife’s strong faith against odds and remarked that my wife is a woman of great faith.

In the next one and half months during the period of recovery, the team of doctors came for their usual ward-rounds to see their patients and positively remarked on my miraculous recovery:

A Muslim Surgeon       –      “ This old man is a miracle patient “   

A Chinese Physician”  -        “That miracle patient is a man of nine lives”                                              (an idiom of a cat having nine lives) “
A Chinese Specialist  -         “ David is one of the very rare people who                                                          came back from death” 

A Muslim Lady Doctor    -    came to my wife and said “your                                                               husband… a miracle”

Jesus Christ was with me while “I walked through the valley of the shadow of death.” The God of miracles was with me again when He raised me from death and gave me a new lease of life and who had prepared a ministry for the very purpose of showing His power in me so that His name may be proclaimed in all the earth (Ps 23:4; Rom 9:17 ). “After you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace will himself restore, establish and strengthen you” (1Pet 5:10).

During the period of convalescence, I experienced a myriad range of emotions such as doubt, remorse and even anger towards my unfortunate condition and suffering, as I had prior to this, been diligent in staying healthy and fit.

After the first operation I asked God why He was not answering my prayers. God answered that He ‘heard the prayers of your Church and all other Churches who were praying for you’.

After some time had passed, I went for my third operation and having forgotten the response of God earlier I asked God again why He has not answered my prayers. God answered that He ‘heard the prayers of believers in the Church, in prayer meetings, area fellowship meetings, women’s meetings, family prayers and individuals’. “What more do you want” he implied.

Eventually, I was discharged and returned home to recuperate on the 10th June, 2009.

When Churches carry out united corporate prayers, it melts God’s heart, hastens Him to listen to our requests and quickens His steps to come forward to fulfil our heart’s desire and prayer needs.

I wish to thank my numerous surgeons, physicians, specialists, the various medical doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and my dear and wonderful wife for their care-giving concern that brought hope to a unique and special patient like me who was “once dead but now I am alive”

I also wish to thank my Lord Jesus Christ who walked with me “through the valley of the shadow of death” and now has raised me up from death with a new  lease of spirit-inspired life. Seventy years ago I was a human person born to my father and mother but now I am really and definitely born-again as a spiritually-inspired human body, to serve God and carry on with His ministry till my last breath.

I asked God “yes you have raised me from death, given me a new lease of spiritually-inspired life and what am I supposed to do for you from now on? God mesmerised me through His living Word in Rom 9: 15-17 and Exodus 9:16 that:

          “ I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion. So it depends not upon man’s will or exertion but upon God’s mercy. I have raised you up for the very purpose of showing my power in you, so that my name may be proclaimed in all the earth “(Romans 9:15-17) and “ …..for this purpose have I let you live, to show you my power, so that my name may be declared throughout all the earth”
( Exodus 9:16);(Isa 14:24; 46:10-11; Ezek 12:25).

From the beginning God knew that it was not good that the man should be alone and made A HELPER fit for him. As time went on from generation to generation, an institution of holy matrimony was established by His church. And He gave me a wonderful, beautiful and a youthful wife whom I betrothed and is now known as Lila Chelliah. When I was in the hospital for six traumatic, bedridden months on the sick bed, she sacrificed her strength and energy and put all of her efforts into caring for me months on end. She visited me everyday, cleaning me up, dressing me, grooming me, feeding me, having Bible study and praying with me and reading to me various news articles from the daily newspapers to keep me informed on the going-ons in the world. She exhausted all her physical resources for the love and passion to care for me as a sincere and dedicated care-giver. I thank God for giving me a wonderful wife fit for me as “A good wife is from the Lord” while our Almighty God has “Let your fountain be blessed and rejoice in the wife of your youth.” He has not forgotten to remind us again and again that “…. A prudent wife is from the Lord” (Prov 19: 14). He also glorifies a woman in his image to “ Let it be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable jewel of a gentle and quiet spirit which in God’s sight is very precious”( 1 Peter 3:5 ). She is a strong woman of faith who is loyal and faithful to her Master, Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and who has a burning desire and uncompromising decision to abide by the Living Word of the Lord with a passionate desire and deep expectation of His promises.

          A family without children, is like a garden without flowers and what more is life without a good and precious wife from the Lord. 

TMC Thanksgiving Service (06-09-2009)

It is proper and right to be grateful and give thanks – giving thanks to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; more so on that appointed day of Thanksgiving. While I was in the hospital I longed to give a testimony of the wondrous work and deeds He did through His miracle of raising me from the dead and restoring my life . After my discharge on 10th June 2009, I was passionate in my spirit to give my testimony first in the Tamil Methodist Church, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur before I could proclaim his name through my testimony in all the earth. Every Sunday I would look forward eagerly but because my body was weak and my voice was very coarse it did not take place. It was God’s  desire that I should give my testimony on the Thanksgiving Sunday on 6th September 2009 where the assembly of God’s people came together to worship, pray and give offerings to the Lord. It was a significant Sunday for me that I was finally, for the first time, able to express my thanksgiving by my testimony through the manifestation and demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit to magnify and glorify only the holy name of Jesus. Praise be to the Lord for His plan for me.

It is my Christian duty to thank all those who helped and cared for me. I say Thank You in Jesus Name :
To all believers of my Church, The Tamil Methodist Church, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur and other Churches which prayed for me
To my lovely and beautiful wife who cared and exhausted all her physical resources
To my Almighty God, God of miracles, my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for healing and raising me up from the possible death to positively confirm that I was once dead but now I am alive.

While I was lying on my sick bed for the past six months, I knew both of us had not gone for ministry over the last nine months, and I felt very dry and very low in my spirit for I have not shared God’s Word and loving kindness to anyone. In the hospital, I was in a great dilemma that death was certain and that my condition was deteriorating day by day. An evangelist, Brother Huan Eng Aun from Sabah who is a successful professional but a truly humble servant of God, came to the hospital and prophesied that he felt in his spirit that both of us will be going to India for ministry. At that time, we thought it to be ridiculous for I was bedridden and fighting for my life. After I was discharged from the hospital the same evangelist with his prayer partners and  the Bishop’s family from Hyderabad, India visited me in my house. He once again prophesied and confirmed for the second time that he felt strongly in his spirit that we will definitely be going to India for ministry. Sure enough, things started to happen and fall in place to make it possible for both of us to go to India. We are leaving to India for one month’s ministry, from 20th September 2009 to 20th October 2009, though I am in the process of complete healing from joint pain, weak muscles and body pain, God’s Word assured me in Jer 30:17 “For I will restore health to you and your wounds I will heal, says the Lord” Amen.

P. Dvid Chelliah, Kuala Lumpur
6th September 2009
(Thanksgiving Sunday)

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