Sep 2, 2010

Do I believe in destiny?

Do I believe in destiny?
I would give it a thought but today, all glory to our Almighty God, did I finally understood.
This is the first.
No one would come in you or influence your thoughts without PERMISSION. God and devil BOTH enter with OUR permission. The scripture testifies it. It is written that God is standing and knocking and will enter only if WE OPEN THE DOOR. He won’t come until we allow Him. The same thing goes with Satan. He will enter only if WE give him a doorway to enter.
This is the second.
God loves me and this is love that He gave His only son to die for me and Jesus came and died and gave His precious life for me. He had me in His mind before EVEN MY PARENTS WERE BORN. He decided a role for me to play in this world. He decided to use me to make His kingdom come. In short, HE MADE MY DESTINY.
This is the third.
Satan is alive and kicking. He has more number of followers than any god after our LIVING JESUS. But only a few know him. He is the king of lies. He is a loser. He knows that he is going to lose. In fact, he knows that HE HAS LOST. He knows that he is nothing for our Almighty God. Still, THAT DOESN’T MAKE HIM ANY LESS DANGEROUS.
Still. He is an angel. He is more powerful than any angel alive. He was made by God. He had his instruments CONSTRUCTED IN HIM. Even Meekayel, the angel of fight said let God judge you. This proves that Satan is a very powerful, very dangerous and very deadly enemy for me.
This is the fourth.
Like a plan that God has for me, SATAN ALSO HAS A PLAN FOR ME. Satan tries to imitate God in his every step. He has also made a very convincing role for me to play and THAT ROLE LOOKS VERY DELICIOUS. He will put thoughts in my mind and make me believe that I have to become something that HE WANTS ME TO, NOT GOD. BUT THAT IS NOT OUR DESTINY.
This is the fifth.
I started with a question. “Do I believe in destiny”?
Here is the real thing.
I HAVE A PURPOSE TO FULFILL ON THIS EARTH. It is I who decide the path to be taken. It is I who choose between God and satan. It is I who decide the broader track to follow or the narrower one. But until I ask God, how will I know that purpose? And this is the very thing that satan doesn’t want me to know. MY PURPOSE ON THIS EARTH. It is unto me. If I give myself to satan, he will definitely break me and make me an animal. He will make me achieve success and still I will not be satisfied. He will give me any women I want and still I would long for love. He will give me any drug in this world and still I would want for a drug that removes loneliness. He will pour over me a shower of money but still I would search a shop, still I would search to buy happiness. He will give me empty promises of healings and I would wait upon the biggest liar to fulfill them. Where is success in this? AND I WILL DIE WITHOUT EVER KNOWING THE ONE AND ONLY LIVING GOD.
BUT that is not what God wants. He doesn’t want me to be lonely. He doesn’t want me to be unhappy. He doesn’t want me to be a cripple. He doesn’t want me to be unsuccessful. He wants to be with me. He wants to give me company. He wants to give me gifts. He wants to shower His blessings upon me. He wants to give me a lady I would be mad for. He wants me to live this life in a perfect body. He wants to give me His money that will only bring happiness. In short, HE WANTS TO LOVE ME AS HIS CHILD. HE WANTS ME TO CALL HIM FATHER. And He tried, is trying, and will always be trying for that relationship. And the greatest sacrifice He made is that He gave his only son, Jesus, to die for me on that cross. Jesus was given my drug of loneliness, my unhappiness, my longing for love, my diseases, my everything. He endured all this just for me and for His love of our Father. He knew the very love that is existing in the heart of my Father and He gave Himself for me. Jesus is God personified. He defeated death. He defeated satan. He defeated the king of darkness on that cross. And he did ALL THIS FOR ME. So that I would live a life that can be called worth living. So that I WOULD CALL HIM MY FATHER. And here my search for my destiny ends. It is in him only. It is in my father only. It is in my Almighty Living God ONLY!!!!!.
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