Sep 2, 2010

My First Missionary Trip - Pl read and be encouraged

My First Missionary Trip
Most of you may be knowing about this.
When I was into business the lord was forcing me from year 2004 to be there into full time ministry.I was earning well enough and was in the peak of my business.On 1st nov 2005 I happen to attend Bro John Joseph’s Fasting prayer in Kamaraj Memorial hall. That day the message was for me and there itself I committed myself for his call. During my submission I said lord you need to take care of my needs. I won’t ask anybody else.

As I was in service industry I used to get lot of phone calls and it was not easy to enter the new way.So I needed a break.As per the guidance of the holy spirit I planned for a prayer trip to 4 metro cities and other places including Nepal.I along with Pr.Prakash we booked the trip for entire leg of journey and the office people paid for our ticket.

Now the day of departure came and I asked the lord to take care of my need as a sign that he has called me for this cause.So the train’s departure time was at 8.00p.m.At around my pastor friend gave me a call saying he doesn’t have money and asked me to leave alone.In reply I said don’t worry all the expenses will be taken care.To tell you the truth I had only 50 Rs (1 $) in my packet.You can imagine my pathetic situation. Now no hope and only to believe in the lord for miracle.

My mother and sister prayed for safe journey and led by the lord my sister placed 2 500 Rs note in my hand and my mother placed 500 Rs.Now a slight hope came and we started the journey. Next day we reached Manglore and Bro.Anburaj assisted us and we were there for 3 days and all three days we had meetings in different places.

From there we went to Goa and prayed over that place.From ther our ticket was not confirmed and upto half way till ratnagiri we were given seats but from there we traveled in the parcel bogie.All night the train was travlling in high speed and next day morning we reached Mumbai.Spending 2 days there we started for Baroda in Gujarat.Then went to Kota Rajasthan.Then we reached Delhi our capital.After Delhi we reached Jammu Pr.Navamanickam assisted us.From there we started for Nepal.During our stay in Manglore I received a phone call from saying there is a 3 days meeting arranged by local nepali organization and they want us to preach.I told them about the schedule and didn’t confirm.But these people they started to pray for and to our surprise we reached one day prior to the meeting.Pr.Ramesh Thapa came and he was really exited.Due to lack of money we said we can not give u 3 days but may be one day.But due to their compeltion we had to be there for 3 days.First day itself among @500 believers 85% GAVE COMMITMENT for soul winning.In the night I thanked the lord for choosing me.Our packets were empty but on the final day the move of the holy spirit was marvelous.Many of them received the filling of holy spirit and I was just amazed to see them.Praise the lord.Next day we started for interior Nepal and the missionary paid for our Bus ticket and 3 days we ministered in different places.All 3 days the local people who lived in forests took care of us.While returning they bought the ticket for us and we reached Border Safely.After reaching Gorakhpur we just checked our bank accounts and to our surprise we had money in both accounts.After withdrawing the money my pastor friend asked me to have a visit to Darjeeling as a break.We went to Darjeeling in the hill train which took almost 12 hours to reach up.We had a over night stay and we returned to siliguri next day.From New Jalpaiguri we took a train for Howrah where we met Pr. Isaiah and went to different places for prayers.From there we returned back to Chennai.
To our surprise we never missed a single meal.All our needs were met and the lord was mindful of us to bring us back safely.The caller is faithful.It’s almost 5 years since the lord is my provider and I lack nothing.To all those who are facing financial problems.Believe the lord 100% and he will guide you.
God bless you all


Jivi Jebaraj
A Christian Missionary
pictures are available in my facebook account and picasa
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