Sep 22, 2010

Who is managing Karunya University Dr.Paul Dhinakaran or Mr.M.K.Stalin

For the past some days I am frequently getting a news that Mr.M.K.Stalin has taken over Karunya University.While going through the official site I don't find and change in the institute.Two days back a real estate guy who is non Christian said that 100% the news is true.I can not believe that unless I know that officially.
Same way people were telling this kind of rumours about another institution which I know personally and I shared the news with these kind of people and now the rumour is stopped.
Hope this is also a rumour.If you know anything about this issue please comment with the common people as the Collage was a vision given to our beloved uncle Late Dr.D.G.S.Dhinakaran.


Now please find the confirmed news.The Karunya university is not been sold.This is a first hand information.All the news is wrong.26th June 2011

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