Sep 17, 2010

Why don't you pray............?

I have seen people running here and there and asking some one to pray.Many a times they fail miserably.This doesn't mean that they don't have faith but most of the time we like short cut methods.Again this doesn't mean that we should not ask others to pray for us.First and foremost we have to trust the lord fully and follow his statutes.The lord has promised "Ask and you will receive."

   Some time when we are in desperate situation we may not be able to pray.That time when someone goes and pray.They will be relieved person.Many a times I have experienced this in my life.

   Sometimes our prayer is formal like addressing a manager or an officer.We should know that our lord is our father and the father is not cruel.Gently ask and things are done.

   Sometimes we blame Satan all the time for our problems but had we ever thought because of our ignorance we are into the problem.Stop the blame game and come closer to the lord.

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