Jun 27, 2011

Be At Peace

It always feels good to make amends and peace with those that will allow. Forgive others for it will only be an anchor in your life than weighs you down. Once you have turned over these people in our life that might have cause some pain forgive and allow our Creator to handle for us, this is when we find the Peace down deep in our Spirit. It is a wonderful feeling to be at peace with self and other Creations of our Creator. Allow Him to lead and stay on your journey know that times will come that you will be tempted we all are but stand firm knowing the rewards from our Creator is better than anything that could cause us to stumble or stray us from our path that our Creator has plan for us. Make today a wonderful day by choosing to focus on what is important and take a moment to share with another that you may be of encouragement someone else. Good Morning to all and wishing you an amazing day with our Creator favor sent to you in my prayers.
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