Jun 24, 2011

Example of Godly People

Example of Godly People

VIP’s and the media had gathered at a railway station in 1953 to receive Dr. Albert Schweitzer the Nobel Prize winner for Peace.

 After the locomotive on rails came to a grinding halt a tall man measuring six feet four inches in height stepped down from the train.

City officials greeted him with handshake while the cameras feasted on the event.

 People where honest in acknowledging how honoured they were to meet a great person like Dr. Albert.

Dr. Albert thanked them politely and excused himself for a moment and he quickly walked through the elite crowd and reached an elderly black woman who was finding it difficult to handle two large luggage’s.

 He helped her by picking up the bags and helped her board to her destination wishing her a safe journey.

On returning to the welcome party he apologized, "Sorry to have kept you waiting."

In response to Dr. Albert Schweitzer honest gesture, a member of the reception organizing committee said with genuine admiration to the journalist by his side,

 "That's the first time I ever saw a sermon walking."

 Dr. Albert Schweitzer was the famous missionary doctor who spent his life time helping the poorest of the poor in Africa.

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