Jun 1, 2011

Living Testimony of Eiza

* *I am Eiza Maria,I belong to a christian family.My mother was Hindu
before she got married, but after knowing JESUS,she accepted him as her personal saviour. From childhood she taught me and my brother to walk under the holy
shadow of Jesus.We both went to Sunday school and loved to be there. In spite of being growing under a holy environment,i had not accepted Jesus as my personal saviour. Yet i performed all righteous tasks but I was not a righteous girl.I gave more preference to world.I was engaged in worldly
affairs. Whatever I read and learnt from the bible,it was not of my use.Soon
it became very difficult for me to obey the commandments .Then i had left
thinking about this matter,and enjoyed my life as I liked.

I was caught by devil tightly and he had driven me back from all side.I
became weak.I had no strength left to fight for my freedom.
Then one day I thought about my past childhood days,my
mom's sayings,I looked to Jesus,from there the holy spirit started working
in me, my heart was changed,I realised my sins and prayed for my
salvation,thanks to Jesus in spite of all my ignorance he loved and forgive
Now i was free from my past works,but I was still doing some sins again I
did not have enough strength and courage to overcome that. One day My dear friend and one uncle came to meet me, we prayed to lord for STRENGTHENING.

yes, that day I understood the importance of lord's strength and his
Presence. I have surrendered myself to him from that time till now he is
guiding me and whatever lessons i know in bible,it seems to be real,all the
promises given in words are implementing in my day to day life.It feels
great to be with him.it feels really blessed.

Lord has given me the best person that's JESUS,i have decided to give
the best of my talents,the best of my days(my youth days) and the best of
I have wasted my 19 years,now each day seems to be very important to work
for him,I feel blessed and want to do the things which he wants me to do.

I believe that god never differs between people, I hope the above experiences
of me which Jesus gave me will work on others and Jesus will do same

for them which he did for me.

It feels blessed to share the above.
God Bless you

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