Jun 27, 2011

Peace and Tranquility

Peace and tranquility we seek with redemption to be as one
we must love with Peace to all of our Creator’s creations. The love we seek is
without pride and or greed, detached from the material world and connected by
hearts. Speaking life and love to all with the true heartfelt love that
attaches itself from our heart to others. The light that shines with a pure
heart will shine for others to see that they will thirst to know more. We
should always educate and train our minds to be still in silence to hear what
the creator has to say to us instead of telling Him all our wants and desires
for He already knows and even the completion of our journey. Live moment by
moment and look for our lessons that we can move forward and pass these to
learn more as we grow in the Spirit realm with our Creator, always giving thanks
and worship to Him.
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