Jul 1, 2011

Discernment Gift

Discernment is a part of seeing the truth in all things. To observe the obvious can take many years of training. In ancient times, Indian children were taught to sit silently and look at everything around them, noting every tiny detail. As asdults, Native Americans coud discern wither to trust others or not through observing these people's actions, their mannerisms, their treatment of their families, their willingess to work and their words regarding others.

In the modern world, we often take people at their word because they talk as if they are honest, caring, or willing to take action. Their actions may not match up to their words, and because we have not been taught to observe for long periods of time. Our discernment is lacking. Trust has to be earned. Due to families no being as strong as they once were, some people are lonely, making them easy prey.

We must watch, look, and listen before following anyone onto the frozen lake; then we have no need to worry about falling throught the thin ice. the broken hearts and shattered trust created by lack of discernment can make us numb to ejoy life offers. If we observe the obvious, honoring our feelings as internal warning signals, we can learn to trust our perceptions. The trust we gain in our discernment ablilities is self-trust, Within the safety of self-trust we no longer need the old lessons of being led astray.

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