Jul 5, 2011

The Doctor Who Came Back From the Dead

The Doctor Who Came Back From the Dead

Dan Wooding (June 15, 2011)

"I was dead for 1 hour and 25 minutes, but came back to life after my wife prayed a simple prayer." -Dr. Sean Thomas George


( Brisbane , Australia ) –

 A Christian group of doctors and medical professionals listened in shocked amazement as one of their own told the incredible story of how he came back from the dead.

Dr. Sean Thomas George, an Indian born doctor who is now a consultant physician in a West Australian hospital, told his extraordinary story before more than 220 Christian medics on the first day of the 8th Annual International Christian Medical Conference called "Spirituality and Medicine" held June 11-12, 2011 in Brisbane , Australia . (Photo: ANS)

"I was dead for 1 hour and 25 minutes, but came back to life after my wife prayed a simple prayer," said Dr. George, who provided all kinds of medical data that put on a large screen for the other doctors to check out.

On October 24, 2008, he reportedly returned from the dead to amaze colleagues who had battled for almost 55 minutes to revive his lifeless heart.

His story began when, five days after running a medical clinic in Vanuatu , Dr. George was returning from a clinic session on the south coast of Australia with his intern when he felt minor chest pains and was "unusually hot."

"I decided to stop the car," he said, "and as I got out, still feeling the discomfort, I called my wife, also a doctor, to let her know what was happening. She suggested that I drive straight home to Kalgoorlie ."

As he did, he said he felt "divinely directed" to enter a clinic in Kambalda, 31.6 miles from Kalgoorlie , where he used an electro-cardiogram (ECG) to diagnose a heart attack and receive the few drugs they had there.

"The pain," he said, "was getting worse and 11 minutes after the ECG my heart completely stopped beating. Not only did I have a heart attack but I went into cardiac arrest."

For the next 60 minutes, a team of doctors and nurses used over 4,000 chest compressions and gave him 13 electrical shocks, but neither his heart nor lungs responded.

After one hour and 10 minutes, the doctor was pronounced dead.

Ten minutes later, his wife arrived from Kalgoorlie and was told to go in and say goodbye.

"Being a doctor herself," continued the doctor,

 "Sherry knew that medical science had proved that if the blood supply to the brain was cut off for over three minutes the brain would begin to die, and in 20 minutes the brain would be completely dead.

 But as she and I had trusted Jesus Christ as Almighty God and Savior, she decided to humbly ask Him to intervene.


 "Holding my hand, she prayed,  ‘Lord Jesus, he is only 39, I am only 38 and we have a ten year boy. I need a miracle.'

As soon as she said this it was as though someone had breathed life into me again and my heartbeat came back."

Four hours later, Dr. George was flown to Royal Perth Hospital where doctors carried out an emergency procedure to clear a severely blocked artery on the right side of the heart.

"The doctor thought I would not survive, and even if I did, I would be completely brain dead on a ventilator.

 In Perth ICU, I had kidney and liver failure and was still in a deep coma."

Three days later, on Sunday, against all odds, the doctor opened his eyes.

 The next day, he was moving his hands and legs. On Wednesday, he was fully conscious and off the ventilator, and his memory and brain were fully functional. Then, two weeks later, he was discharged and returned to full-time work after three months of steady recovery.  Said Dr. George:

"It has proved to me that Jesus really is Creator God and Sustainer of life and that He hears and responds to the humble prayers of His servants. I now also understand that eternity is only a breath away.

"I don't think there are any documented cases of patients who were clinically dead for so long, have come back to life with their memory perfectly intact and neurologically no deficits at all," he said.

"This is something that only God can do, because medically it is impossible."

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