Aug 31, 2011


Jesus said to them, “Fill the water pots with water.” And they filled them up to the brim (John 2:7).
Bible says that our God is the God of Miracles; He is the Miracle Working God, to display His power God will do miracles in our life (Psalm 77:14). Bible speaks about the miracles of God. Jesus Christ was also performing miracles when he was in this world, for Jesus said whatever he is doing it is the Father in him doing them (John 14:10). The first miracle of Jesus is excessively related with our life. We cannot walk in the fellowship of God unless we are chosen by God. When He chose us, He will glorify us (Romans 8:30). Let us see how the first miracle of Jesus will be applicable to our life as the followers of Christ.
We all might have known when Jesus attended the wedding, there the wine was over and his mother came to him and said, “They have no more wine”. It is a puzzle to me why she came to Jesus where as Jesus was only invited to attend the marriage as all others do. Jesus has performed his first miracle there and changed the water into the wine. Before doing this Jesus told the servants to fill the water pots with water. We can see, the servants are not of Jesus’ servants, Jesus had no servants, but friends (Luke 12:4, John 15:15), they are but the servants of the families where the wedding is taking place. But they listened to Jesus, for mother of Jesus told them to do so. When they were filling the jars it was just water, but when they took it out it was wine (John 2:3-9).
Like wise when we are filled with something within us, we cannot be filled with the word of God, we should get emptied to see the miracle of God. It is true experience of my life. When I had everything with me, I never attempted to be filled with the Word of God, but when I have lost everything in my life one by one then was the time to be filled with the Word of God, God has arranged His servants to fill me with His word. The servants listened to him and filled me with the Word of God, God saw this, and then God performed the best miracle in my life and made me to stand for Him. Today the people who know about my past life really feel amazing about this.
The Word of God is considered as the water, for Bible says, God will sanctify us with His Word using it as the water (Ephesians 5:26), and the wine is considered as a medicine for healing or relief from pain (Luke 10:34). So with the water that is filled in us by the servants of Gods, God will turn it as the wine of healing and comfort within us to take us to the master of the feast that is held in the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 8:11). Be ready to get filled with the waters up to the brim, for God will change this water into the wine. This is the first and great miracle of God in our life.
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