Aug 27, 2011

Be Grateful not Disrepectful

Be grateful for those who will love you and speak life with powerful energy. Authority of the Spirit will take over as many good things will happen. Now is the time for all good people to stand together as One and walk the straight and narrow path, living for the good of all mankind and all living creations of our Creator. Live for others and not yourself. So many beautiful people and then some so ugly inside you can’t stand to even be around these types of selfish people. How we see life without blinders on…Freely giving and freely receiving all from the Creator and meeting all of our needs. Trust and have faith believe but first see what you want to happen in your life. As you spread blessings to others in your path way you will be one with our Creator and together many miracles will be seen. One person can make a different by a prayer, smile or an encouraging word. It is that simple it is according where your mind is that determines your future. See good things happen and dreams will come to pass.

Apart of Love is respect. Pray and use a Mala (Rosary) if you need to remember to pray non-ceasing during the day.

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