Aug 28, 2011

Nehemiah – Are you called to inspect like Nehemiah?

Nehemiah was in the citadel of Susa working as a cupbearer. The role of cupbearer is so important and influential those days as it is regarded as a high position in royal courts. During that instance of a busy and royal job, Nehemiah was curious to know what was going on in Jerusalem and the Jewish remnant that survived the exile. Though he was in a royal place, Nehemiah’s heart was after God’s business. Once Nehemiah came to know that the wall of Jerusalem was broken and its gates have been burnt with fire, he sat down for DAYS to mourn, fast and pray. The matters happened in Jerusalem affected him so badly and it took him days to mourn about it. After he mourned, he prayed about and took the issue to the Lord. Are we inspecting and getting attracted by God’s business and does it make us to mourn?

Nehemiah also humbled himself and confessed his sins and his forefather’s sins. He asked Lord to give favour in the eyes of the king so that he would let him go and inspect Jerusalem. Studies reveal that in those days if a cupbearer goes with a sad face before the king, he will be sentenced to death. A cupbearer Nehemiah called himself to be a servant of God while he prayed (Nehemiah 10:11) and was keen on God’s purpose on his life though he was kept in a worldly profession. God’s calling and purpose was overlooked by Nehemiah here than his worldly profession. Are we occupied and carried away by our businesses, jobs or household chores?

As it was God’s plan, Nehemiah was granted permission to go and rebuild the broken wall of Jerusalem. How Nehemiah handled the issue is so important here. At night, Nehemiah took few persons with him and went around Jerusalem to inspect it quietly. He examined the wall to understand completely how far it has been ruined. This passage helped me to get a revelation of how things are to be inspected and not looked at. Inspecting at something is different from seeing or looking at that. Only inspection gives us a clear, in depth idea and it opens the arena for us to get a deeper revelation. Also Nehemiah did not blabber around about God’s plan of rebuilding; instead he worked out quietly to identify how far the walls are ruined. If we inspect, we can accurately identify the strongholds and obstacles and we can overcome them. Nehemiah too had obstacles and some people were disturbed when they identified Nehemiah’s plan. But since Nehemiah was able to work quietly and inspect perfectly, he overcame. Those who fail to inspect cannot accomplish God’s plan and purpose.

After the dedication of the wall, Nehemiah made sure that the house of God was looked after very well (Neh 10:11). Not only that we also read in Nehemiah chapter 10 that he looked after the Levites (servants of God). These commitments Nehemiah showed gave him the privilege to ask God to remember him with His favour, grace and mercy. According to Hebrews 6:10, God is not unjust to forget you and me if we are faithful to look after the house of God by our tithes and first fruits and also if we honour the servants of God and their ministries. Are we inspecting the needs of our churches, ministries and poor saints?
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