Aug 4, 2011

Sadhu Kishan singh-A man who suffered for Christ

Sadhu Kishan Singh is a person who accepted Jesus and who suffered greatly for Christ. He is a relative of Sadhu Sundar Singh the "Bleeding Feet Apostle". He was born in Punjab in answer to the prayers of Sadhu Sundar Singh. He was given poison many a times, hacked, shot, made to walk on fire, hanged, thrown into deep well and made to suffer in many other ways for the sake of Christ. Inspite of all these trials, tortures and tribulations he is ministering, testifying to the glory of His name and preaching the Gospel as a testimony to the power of our living Lord Jesus Christ. I am publishing a small portion of his life story.

In September 1958, the Sadhuji returned to Punjab. There he came to know that his father and mother had returned from America and that both of them were no more. The Sadhuji felt sad at the thought that he had not been able to see them, especially his mother before their death. The Sadhuji’s mother had died in Jan. 1958 and his father in June 1958. But he knew that he had a young sister who was born in 1953. This sister named as Shanta Kaur was living with some of their relatives. The Sadhuji went and saw the sister who was very ill.

As all his other six brothers and two sisters had settled in America, the responsibility of bringing up Shantha rested on the Sadhuji. Sadhuji’s uncle said to him that his father had left some property and money in Sadhu’s and his sister’s name. But he said that he will hand over to him if he again become a Sikh. But Sahdu Kishan Singh refused to accept his proposal and said, "the way I have chosen is the true way. I can leave this world but I can not leave Jesus Christ."

Sadhuji took his sister to a good hospital for treatment. After checkup the doctor said, "your sister was given poison and it has spread over the whole body. So there is no chance of her survival." When Sadhu heard this, he felt very sorry and requested the doctor, "please save my sister’s life."

Doctor said, "I am also a human like you. Only God has power to give life or to take away life. I will try my best to save her life. Pray to God that He may give her life back and if it is God’s will, she will survive. He admitted her in hospital and came back home. House servants told him that his sister was given poison and that his own life was also in danger as they wanted to kill both of them so that they can get the property and money which his father left for him and his sister.

Sadhuji felt very sorry but he did not tell anything to anybody but quietly prayed in his heart. After staying for many days in hospital when his sister came back home totally healed all his relative were amazed.

He took her away from the relatives and placed her in a boarding school so that she could complete her studies. Because she was very weak from her childhood, she used to fall ill very often. In 1967, she fell seriously ill. The school authorities asked the Sadhuji to remove her from the Boarding school. She was admitted in hospital. Doctors tried to save her life but her illness increased and so the doctors gave up all hope. Now the relatives had to think of her funeral. Shanta had not yet became Christian and Sadhuji asked his relatives to arrange for funeral. They told the Sadhuji that they would attend to every thing provided he returned to the Sikh fold.

The Sadhuji refused to give up his Lord and Master Jesus. He laughed and said, "you are talking to me to give up my living Jesus Christ on behalf of my dead sister’s funeral? I can even forgo my life but I can not leave the way of heaven." He contacted the Pastor of a local Christian Church who promised that he would bury her in their graveyard if she were to die. He visited Shantha and baptized her and prayed with the Sadhuji for a long time for her healing. That night before he went to bed the Sadhu touched her body and found that she was very cold and her breath was very weak. He knelt by the side of Shantha and prayed to God either to heal her and give her strength or to take her into His kingdom if that was His will.

For seven days he had no rest and so he was very tired and even in these seven days he could not sleep very well. After praying for her he became very relaxed and went to the next room and slept peacefully.

Though he was sleeping, God almighty who never sleeps, was working a miracle. The same God who never changes as we read in Heb 13:8, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.. The same God who 2000 years back raised the dead son of a widow performed a miracle.

About 4 o’clock in the morning someone raised Shanta from the bed and made her to stand on the floor. Room was filled with a divine light. She realized that she was standing on the floor. She was so amazed thinking about standing on the floor. She thought, "who made me to stand on the floor?" She looked all over the room but she could not see anybody there. In the next room Sadhuji was sleeping, she went to his room and woke him up. He heard a girl’s voice calling him. Half awake he could not understand what was going on and he was astonished to see a girl. He was puzzled and asked, "who are you?" She said, "I am Shantha."

When Sadhuji heard this he was baffled because Shanta could not come out from her bed. He thought, "How could she walk and come here?" Sadhuji stared at her with surprise and thought, "She was dead Yesterday night. She might have died and her spirit has come to wake me up. So he rebuked her thinking that she was a devil and said to her, "O, evil spirit, I command you in the name of Jesus, to go from here." Shanta was surprised and said to him, "brother, I am your sister Shanta and not any evil spirit. What you talking about?"

Sadhuji straight away went to her room and found that her bed was empty. He went near her and touched her to see whether she was really alive or an evil spirit? Finally he realized that she is none other than her sister Shanta standing fully cured and quite strong. There and then he fell on his knees and gave thanks to God for having heard his prayer and heaving healed Shantha. He went to give this news to Pastor. When Pastor heard this news, he was also amazed and he praised God.

When his uncle came to know that she was healed completely, he got very angry. They planned to kill both brother and sister. One night at 12 O’clock two men came to them with pistols and they put the pistol on their chest and said, "let us see, which Jesus would save you now. In any case it is impossible to escape from our hands." Sadhuji replied, "my brothers, life and death is in the hands of God. Every one comes to this world one day and one day they leave this world. If today is the day of our death, then we are very happy to welcome this day."

He looked toward his sister who was trembling with fear and said, "why are you afraid? We should be happy. Who can have this much privilege to be a martyr in the name of our Lord? Close your eyes and start chanting the name of Jesus. By remembering his name we will give up our lives at His feet.

They were about to fire, suddenly a voice was heard in the midst of that, "hands up". Both of them who came to kill them, looked behind and saw police standing there. In fear the pistol fell from there hands. Police arrested them and took them to police station. No one gave this information to the police but they were patrolling at night and suddenly they came there and found this. Once again God saved their lives.
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