Sep 8, 2011

Are you irritated because of regular email updates from facebook group?

I used to get lot of email updates from various groups I have joined or my friends added me,Which was so irritating that I was not able to go through my regular mails.Once I selected all the mails related with facebook and in that course the air ticket I booked was also gone then after that I took back all the mails from trash.
Today I got a phone call from my friend about this issue that I am sending frequent mails via Facebook.

To all those who want to get rid of this issue follow the simple steps.
Whenever you get a email update go to the group using the link and then select edit settings on the top.Uncheck (Also send an email to: ) ,Also can uncheck if don't want to receive group chat.If you still can not get rid of the problem pls free to mail me at

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