Sep 14, 2011



            He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions (Psalm 107:20).
            Bible speaks our God as the greatest healer, for this is what God has promised when he was bringing the Israelites out of Egypt (Exodus 15:26). How God heals us, only by sending His word which is a living word. When He speaks, He means it. He never speak something now and different thing afterwards. And all the words of God are meant to be fulfilled (Isaiah 55:11). God is not only a great Physician, but also He is expertise in various medical departments (Matthew 11:5). He is an all specialized doctor. We can see in any of the healing, God did not use any instrument to heal, but by saying the word. The important thing that we should know how God heals?
            There are two incidents in the Bible, in the same Gospel written by John, we can see the power of the word of God that has healed the people. Once Jesus left for Galilee, when he reached there he has received a warm welcome in that place, then an official came to Jesus asking for the healing of his son who is laid sick for a quiet few days and he is close to death. Then Jesus spoke about that man’s faith “you will not believe until you see the miracles”, for the father wants Jesus to go with him and heal his son. But then after Jesus just said, “you may go, your son will live”, the man took the word of Jesus and went, and we know the remaining things what happened (John 4:43-53). Jesus healed the son from the sickness and the father from the faithlessness by speaking the word. In the second instance, Jesus went to Jerusalem, at the Sheep Gate a pool was there, and there was a man who was invalid for thirty eight years and Jesus came to know that, the man was there in that condition for a long time, and Jesus asked that man if he wants to get healed? We may feel that question is a wrong question to the right person, but here we should understand Jesus testing that man’s faith in God. That invalid man gave a long explanation what was happening to him from the beginning. Then Jesus said “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk”, Jesus was asking three things that man to do now. Firstly, to get up from where he was lying, secondly to pick up the mat on which he was lying, and thirdly to walk. This is in evidence that the man who was walking now is the same man who was lying there for so long years (John 5:2-9).
            In these two instances, Jesus didn’t stretch his hands towards the sick people, but just he spoke the word to them. We can see in the two cases that the exact time that Jesus spoke to them and the time the healing action took place are same (John 4:52-53; 5:9). People of God, we just need to wait for the word of God, once God speaks, that will happen immediately without making any delay. We should know and trust what the psalmist said about healing of God (Psalm 107:20).
            GOD BLESS YOU
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