Sep 17, 2011


He was whipped so we could be healed (Isaiah 53:5) (NLT).

Bible speaks about healing. The healing is from the wounds, the pain and the sufferings. But how we are healed? We are healed by the wounds. When we are wounded we want to be healed, but Bible says the wounds of one person has healed us from the wounds. How great this word is, that we are healed from the wounds by the wounds. Why these wounds were caused to that man so that we get healed, we are the reason that he got wounded. Prophet Isaiah says, for our transgressions he was pierced, for our iniquities he was crushed, to bring us peace, he took the punishment upon him (Isaiah 53:5). It needs to have a great sacrificial heart to go through all these for others.

Jesus said, I am the good shepherd and justifies it by saying that "I will lay my life for my sheep" (John 10:15). As God said that I will bind up the sheep which is injured (Ezekiel 34:16). God wants us to get healed (Exodus 15:26). Psalmist said, God sent forth His word and healed them and saved them from the grave (Psalm 107:20), and Apostle John says about Jesus, Jesus is the Word of God which dwells among us (John 1:14), and Jesus was healing people as GOD was with him (Luke 5:17). The healing power of God was flowing through Jesus that is healing us even to this day. What we need to experience the healing of God is a little faith (Matthew 9:22).

When GOD created us, He created us perfectly for He created us in likeness of HIM (Genesis 1:27), but as the sin is growing in the world, we have become sick and needed healing. To heal us, God has sent His Son into the world and healed us through Him and saved from the grave as Jesus died for our sins. This is the work of God that he sent the sinless as a sin for us so that we might be saved (2 Corinthians 5:21). Trust in the Word of God, that heals us…. Trust in the crucified Christ, He heals us…

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