Sep 14, 2011

Persecution Faced by Believers across the Globe..

Christian family miraculously survive ambush in Nigeria

Davou Bulle, his wife, and their 10 children each climbed into the van, exhausted from another full day of work on their family's farm.

 He started to pull away but was soon jarred to attention by the sound of gunshots hitting the tires. They were being ambushed because of their faith!

The Muslim attackers soon aimed their weapons at the driver, in hopes to first kill the Christian "infidel" then kill his entire family.

 In an attempt to protect his father, son Gyan lunged at the bullets to shield him, but the bullets found their way to their intended target; killing Davou.

 Gyan, trying to help his father, took 14 bullets during the ambush. Davou's wife Mary was hit in the eye during the attack.

Mary was taken into surgery immediately.

 She lost one of her eyes as a result of the attack. Son Gyan was also operated on; removing all 14 bullets from his body.  Miraculously he survived!  Davou left behind a wife and 10 children.

More than 10,000 Christians have been killed since 1999 in Nigeria and nearly 1,000 homes and churches have been burned down by Muslim radicals-all because of their faith in Jesus Christ.

 Voice Of the Martyrs has opened up a centre in Jos, Nigeria for the purpose of helping Christian widows who have lost their husbands at the hands of Muslim fanatics. This centre will help these widows develop a trade in sewing or computers.

A Pakistani Teenage Christian Barely Escapes Death at the Hands of Her Own Family!
Diana grew up in a strict Islamic family in Pakistan. Her life was pretty typical until she met a girl named Mary who was a Christian. Now Diana is also a Christian and on the run.

When Diana's family learned that she had become a Christian, they repeatedly beat her and insisted she return to Islam. But Diana refused. She was then forced to a local canal where her uncle put a pistol to her head and gave her one last chance to return to Islam.

Diana replied, "You can kill me if you want. I will not leave Christ."
It was then that Diana's uncle noticed an extremely poisonous black cobra swimming in the canal. Believing he could escape any prosecution for his niece's death, he threw her into the path of the cobra. He also knew she could not swim.

Diana miraculously escaped from the canal and is in hiding today.

 She is a new Christian but has already learned what it means to suffer for Christ. She recently told The Voice of the Martyrs,

"Jesus was crucified for us. Can we not endure some of the same for Him?"

Sudanese Boy "Crucified"

Damare, a small Sudanese boy, was taken as a slave and forced to tend camels after his village was attacked by radical Muslims.

One day Damare, who had been raised in a Christian home, snuck away from his master to attend a church service. When he returned, his Muslim master was waiting for him and accused of committing a deadly act, "meeting with infidels." The master then dragged Damare into a field where he nailed his feet and knees into a large board while the boy cried out in agony.

Damare was miraculously rescued and has told The Voice of the Martyrs that just as Jesus was nailed and forgave, he forgives also.

 What bold faith from a simple Sudanese boy!

Damare is not alone in the persecution he has endured. The Muslim government of Khartoum in the North has declared a jihad, or holy war, against the mostly Christian South.

 Omar Hassan al-Turabi, an Islamic leader, has stated that anyone who opposes Islam "has no future." Since 1985, approximately two million have perished due to the genocide. Families in the South are terrorized-fathers killed, mothers raped, and children sold into slavery.

Yet in the midst of these atrocities, the Christians in Sudan remains strong, worshiping their Savior and leading others to Him.

Damare has now received some assistance from workers with The Voice of the Martyrs. His wounds are still open and additional medical attention as well as some rehabilitation is still needed.

Christian Survives Horror of North Korean Prison

A Christian missionary jailed in North Korea has done what many prisoners in the communist state never do – he has emerged alive to tell about his horrific experience. The testimony of a Korean-Chinese man referred to only as "Lee" to protect his identity recently was obtained by The Voice of the Martyrs.

The missionary says a woman in his Chinese church gave him an ID number to use in travelling to North Korea, saying it belonged to her cousin. When authorities saw the ID number, they immediately arrested Lee, who later discovered the woman was a North Korean spy. He had been set up.

Wrote Lee of his prison experience:

 "Between March 5 and 19, I was interrogated daily. Because of the beatings I began to have severe pains in my liver and kidney.”

Lee says at one point the authorities believed he was near death, so they transferred him to another location and fed him well to make sure he stayed alive. "Within two weeks I had recovered, so they brought me back to the interrogation centre where I was again beaten and tortured for another 54 days," wrote Lee.

Why torture a man for weeks on end? Stated Lee:

 "My No. 1 crime against the People's Republic of Korea is that for the past eight years I have been spreading the gospel in North Korea and bringing people to Christ."

Lee says his heroes are those Christians who have endured hardship, torture and the loss of their lives – but who never denounced their faith:

 "They truly live and die for the Gospel, and they are my heroes. Though their lives were short, what they've done will forever shine with Christ."

Sources: VOM

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