Sep 10, 2011

Testimony Shiv Shankar Tiwari (Hindu Convert)

“First of All, I want to give thanks to Lord Jesus who gave me this wonderful opportunity to Glorify his name through my testimony”

 I want to introduce myself, I am Shivshankar Tiwari, born in an orthodox Hindu/Brahmin’s Priest Family, on 29 feb 1984, my grand father Late Pandit Rohini Prasad Tiwari, was a famous & Renowned priest (Pandit/Purohit) of Jabalpur & Head Priest of Gaurishankar Temple situated in Adhartal area of jabalpur (m.p.), that’s why my whole family is also an orthodox & hard core believer of Hinduism & their gods & Goddess.
As we know that everything is pre-decided by God,& if you are the chosen one & if he has decided to catch u,than finally he will catch you for sure, no power of this universe can stop him,& he has already written the story & Fix up everything in advance that how & in what circumstances you will come to faith, who will share the word of True & living Lord to you, At what age, in which year, date & time his Divine light has to come upon & u have to surrender him & accept him as personal savior.

Turning Point

Four years ago I got severely sick with multiple diseases & life threatening situations, I was getting weak & weaker day by day, lost 8-12 kgs of weight, loss of my appetite to zero, Fear of Death,depression,stress,low immunity, severe Abdominal & skin Infections,24xx7 I was laying down on bad...lost my job when i was working in one of the top most hospital of India situated in New Delhi, I was about to die in the period of just one month or so, my life became hell & my situation was so worst that I couldn’t explain in words, people use to say that let him die at least he would be able to get relief from such painful situation, MEANWHILE There was a girl Bincy Pothen,who was my batch mate & she was also working in the same city ‘New Delhi’, she supported me like anything even in the journey of my dark days...when i was in college free from any disease, pain & sorrow, you can say in my Golden era of youth, she told me "N" Number of time to come to church & believe on Jesus, He is The True & living Lord, Just Try Him Once & Keep Faith on Him, Jesus will Change your Life, he will fulfill your every desire & also will help u to make a sucessful career...but I never took her seriously & replied her “Listen Bincy,as you are suggesting me then surely I can give respect to JESUS, But If u will say that forget my Hindu Gods & goddess & start following Jesus Only That is not at all possible for me, why should I go to a new God when I am having my own Gods & I from a Priest Brahmin family from the Generations, Indirectly I denied her & Rebuke her proposal to follow new god called as Jesus, Then She stopped Insisting me & didn’t force me ever but when I was about to die she was not able to control herself on seeing my merciful & pathetic situation. She once again requested me to pray to JESUS & to visit JESUS CALLS PRAYER TOWER,JANAKPURI,NEW DELHI-WEST, As we all know that when a person come closer to his/her Death, He forgets his all religion barriers & beliefs to which he had in his past life, In this situation No one hesitate to Try Any New Religion,Tantrik,peer Baba,Masjid,Gurudwara,etc.. & want to try almost everything that somehow his/her life can be saved,The Most painful Fear in This world is FEAR OF DEATH so that I also said Yes to go to “JESUS CALLS PRAYER TOWER” without any second thought & any further delay, along with my friend Bincy....when I reached to JESUS CALLS, one sister came to us & asked me about my problems & about my Prayer request then she started counseling me by the word of god & she said don’t worry Brother believe on Christ Jesus he will heal u,save u & all this……..but due to my sickness & Fear of Death I was so irritated on those end days, As I was totally Hopeless & frustrated so that I start debating with her & Replied “Look sister there is no GOD-WOD Exists in this world if he would have ever existed then I would have never reach in such painful & pathetic situation, Its all rubbish to talk about the existence of any GOD, these are fictions & Imagination of Human beings & bla bla bla…But I Must Appreciate the patience & tolerance level OF that sister ,for she was so gentle & humble through out all the time & keep on counseling me & trying hard to build up my faith with patience...suddenly after 30 mint of debate, I started feeling very uneasy, I started feeling like I have to Cry even though I was arrogantly laughing on her teachings as I was not the Believer of Christ,I told bincy plz look at me what is happening to me something is forcing me to cry unwillingly even though I was not in that Mood at all, then Suddenly My Tears started coming out without my consent & my whole Body started severing by its own, I started crying like a child who is harshly beaten up by someone followed by me my friend bincy also started crying, I thought she is my friend & she is not able to see my poor situation that’s why she has also started crying but when that sister who was counseling me from last half n hour also stared crying like anything then I was so amazed that she is neither my relative nor my friend why is she crying like this, what happened to her, I got to know that something supernatural is going around here & some supernatural power is working here, I started repenting with tears that lord please save me, heal me & forgive my all sins to which I have done in my past life, I was keep on asking for the forgiveness & I cried almost for more then an Hour & then I heard a Voice like someone is saying to me that MY SON YOU HAVE GOT HEALED & YOUR SINS HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN BY THE BLOOD OF CHRIST, Then a Great peace entered in my soul & I could feel that I have got Healed & all fear have been vanished out from my life, Now there is no danger, no threat, I am secured, finally I opened my Eyes & what I saw afterwards Oh!! I can Not explain that feeling in words properly “I saw Jesus Christ” Himself Sitting in front Of me From Head to Toe I saw him, I witness him, he was there in front of me, I could never forget those eyes, what a peace & shining on them, people use to say that if u want to see god then you have to do Tapasya (Meditation) for years n years, No my dear friends its not depend upon your efforts but its totally depend upon the will of god that in which form he wants to reveal himself upon you, Really I challenged to God that he does not exist in this world, while I was talking to that sister in God’s own place‘that prayer tower” where his spirit & his mighty presence dwells, He accepted my challenge & Reveled himself upon me & proves me that God exists, GOD really Exists & Spoke to me LOOK here I Am the God of all God’s sitting in front of you, Then n There I Devoted my whole life in Christ’s feet & accepted him as my personal saviour,Today I am Existing Just Because of Him, Really Jesus you are the king of kings & lord of Lords, Beside you there is no God, I will serve you my lord my master,& I will keep on praising you till the Time I am alive & even after, even Death Can not separate me from Your Love & Faith,Halleluijha.

I sincerely wants to say thanks to lord Jesus to choose me & save me even from death & giving me such a nice friend Bincy to whom God Utilized as mediator to reach me, who has also become my life partner,all glory to God,

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God Bless u all, Praise the Lord

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