Sep 2, 2011

Training Elephants...

Training Elephants...

Although more humane methods are now employed, for years, the method for training elephants was very harsh. 

As soon as a baby elephant was old enough to leave its Mother, it was taken from its family to a special training area.

 It was then placed inside a small enclosure for three days that was just large enough for it to turn from side-to-side. 

At the end of three days, it was taken from this enclosure in the pitch dark to a large bonfire area. A big, strong rope was tied around the elephant's leg and then tied to a huge post that's driven deep in the ground.

All night, the people around the elephant would shout and jump around.

Every time the baby elephant tried to move, they would hit him with Bamboo sticks.

After several hours of this, the baby elephant quits trying to move.

 Now, all he needs to hold him is a small piece of rope and a piece of wood the size of a tent stake to hold him.

Do you get the image here?

This big powerful creature who could crush a car with his foot, can't pull a small stake out of the ground.

 It's not because he doesn't have the power, it's because the elephant has been convinced that he doesn't have the power.

Has Satan convinced you that you can't run the race?

 Has he convinced to... give up - because you can't win.....    quit trying - because you can't do it....  not make the effort - because it's not worth it

You have the power.
You have the strength.
You can do it.

Press On!!!
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