Sep 1, 2011


But I will establish My covenant with you (Genesis 6:18).
Bible says our God is the God of Covenant. God makes covenant, and keeps the covenant. There is a difference between the Promise and Covenant. A Promise is a commitment and it can be between two persons to do or not to do something, but whereas a Covenant is between God and the people and it is a combination of a promise and a demand. A Promise can be for a specified time, but Covenant is forever.
The first Covenant that The LORD had made with Noah to save their lives before the flood (Genesis 6:18), and another Covenant with Noah after the flood and made the rainbow as the sign of the Covenant and made His mind that He never destroy the earth for the sin of the man (Genesis 9:9 - 16). And God is keeping that Covenant even to this day. We should know that when God made a Covenant, He never break it. It was not God who failed in the Covenant, but The Israelites failed in the Covenant (Jeremiah 31:32). If God breaks the Covenant, we would have no hope today. Whatever God wants to establish forever, he made it as a Covenant (Malachi 2:14).
Bible says that God remembers His Covenant forever and the word he commanded, for thousand generations (1 Chronicles 16:15). This is how God keeps His Covenant live forever. Our God is not a man to lie and He is not a son of man to change His words as some people thinks (Numbers 23:19). The new covenant of God is that we will be His people and He will be our God and bring us back to The Israel all who are scattered. Do not believe what people say about God, some may say God spoke something now and changed after some time, we should believe that God never changes His words. Whatever may be the time God is taking in our life, every word that He spoke will not return to Him without achieving the purpose (Isaiah 55:11). And all Scripture is God breathed (2 Timothy 3:16), when God breathed man became a living being (Genesis 2:7), likewise when God breathed the Word it has became living and the living word never passes away.
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