Sep 8, 2011


Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony, “He told me everything I ever did”. (John 4:39).

There was an incident where Jesus said to a man who came to Jesus for healing of his son, Jesus said “until you see miracles you will not believe(John 4:48). At another place Jesus said, even if you do not believe me, believe the miracles to know that Father is in me and I am in Father (John 10:38). There were many incidents where the people see the miracles that Jesus has performed, yet they were not ready to believe in Jesus. Now the time has come for us to examine where we are standing in Jesus? What could be our answer if God questions about our position in him?

We can see in the Bible where one group of people were not ready to believe in Jesus though they have seen the miracle power of God, but another group they believed in Jesus by a testimony of a woman. Book of Matthew says, When Jesus arrived on the other side of Gadarenes, two demon possessed men were coming from the tombs met Jesus, as per their request, Jesus drove the demons out of them and sent them into the herd of pigs which were there and the herd rushed down in the lake and died in the water. Jesus has performed a miracle here and delivered two men from the demons, as soon as the people of the town heard about this miracle, they came and they pleaded Jesus to leave that region, instead of asking him to stay in that region (Matthew 8:28-34). In another instance, where Jesus spoke to a Samaritan woman what she was doing and what is her life, and Jesus said to that woman that he is the one whom people are waiting for, “The Messiah”. The woman went to her people and told them about this, then all the people of Samaria came to Jesus by believing in him by what the woman said about this, they urged Jesus to stay with them and he stayed there for two more days (John 4:1-26 & 39-42). In the first instance people were not ready to believe in Jesus though they have seen miracle, but in the second instance the people believed what Jesus spoke and they became the believers of Christ.

This is the time for us to examine, where we are in Christ? Are we just believing the miracles, or believing in what Jesus speaking to us? People of God, when we believe in the Word of God we will prosper in our personal life and spiritual life as well. We are living in the end days, so the word which was dwelling among us as a flesh, we should believe in that. Apostle John said, In the beginning there was word, and this word they have heard it, seen it with eyes, they have looked at and their hands have touched it which was from the beginning, and this is the Word of life (John 1:1 & 1 John 1:1). Believe in the Word of God and invite Jesus, He will come and stay with us, this is what he has promised, me and my father will come to you and make home with you (John 14:23).

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