Oct 31, 2011

Amidst all Complications - My baby and My Wife saved

Esther Deborah

We praise God for giving us a healthy baby girl, Esther Deborah on March 17.

The Lord did a special miracle for us.

 The baby was conceived even though an IUD was used. This device of course, is known to be more than 99% effective in preventing pregnancies.

The Lord definitely wanted us to have this baby as a precious gift to us, especially because of the circumstances.

 He caused the IUD to be safely removed and made the pregnancy healthy and normal (baby was born safely, full-term) and not dangerously ectopic. When even a renowned doctor told us that the baby may not be well formed or may abort naturally, the Lord heard our cries and blessed us.

 During the delivery, the mother was actually unable to exert any energy in the final stages of the birthing process due to extreme weakness for many weeks.

She (the mother) had slept an average of 3-4 hours literally for many days prior to undergoing labor. When it was impossible for her, the Lord made it possible.

Also, the baby had her arm in front of her head and the doctor said she may have to do a C-section.

 As we had prayed, she managed to get the arm back behind her head and delivered the baby.

Our prayers had been answered by an Almighty God, Who is an ever present help in time of trouble and this was the third natural delivery for the mother, even as we petitioned God.

We asked the Lord for ability for the mother to refuse various pain killing and numbing drugs like an Epidural and Demerol. These are known to be dangerous. Especially the Epidural (which is injected in the spine area) can cause permanent paralysis and other complications, including death.

Many cases are reported as proof.

The Lord even answered that prayer. Praise be to God for His wonderful and timely help!

There are quite a few other things for which we have praised God for but we have written these, “that you may believe” in the Lord Jesus and His great Loving provision for us and His Power to do all things well.

Indeed, time and time again when there was no hope at all for us, He has done all things well for us, his servants.

 We named the baby Esther Deborah by the way, because those two characters in the Old Testament were used mightily by God and they were obedient to Him. Esther risked her life to save her people while trusting God for deliverance. She obeyed the Lord’s command to love to the point of laying down one’s life for others.

 She was courageous and full of faith and also humble, though God had made her queen in the presence of her enemies.  She was victorious in faith. What’s more, many of the heathen became believers because of her witness.

We gave her the middle name of Deborah because she was a Judge of Israel at a certain point in time and was also a prophetess that was brave indeed.

When no man had the courage to fight their enemies, she went boldly and got the victory while inspiring others to trust in the Living God.

We trust God to make our daughter grow up to be just like Esther and Deborah, handmaidens of the Lord.

We all should continue to trust God above, the so-called, “experts” always, expecting in faith for miracles in the Name of Jesus which is far above any name (that is to say, anyone) and do His Will.

He is a miracle-working God. Glory be to Jesus, our Lord and our God!

By P and K Stephen

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