Oct 28, 2011

Give a blank paper

  • We expect God to act according to our will not according to His will.
  • We expect God to mix His plan with our plans.
  • We expect God to continue certain tasks we have started with our aim/ambition
Many times it doesn't happen one may feel stuck. Because God knows, such mix up of continuation of a wrong start may lead to disaster. So God remain there,waiting for us to change our attitude.

God has unique plans for all of us which are similar to our finger print, eyeris, our appearance and character. No replications in God's plan.

Once a preacher said less than 1% of Christians seek to know from God. Even within the 1% seeking population few take the right approach. What is it?

Our pre conceived ideas and thoughts are the stumbling block for God to act on our life. Our delay in understanding God's plan is the only reason for the delay in God acting in our life.

Genesis 32 we read about Jacob's encounter with God. Jacob all through his life tried every possible way to succeed in his life. Remember Jacob is indeed a very hard working person. He delayed in allowing God to act according to His will.

God meets Jacob in between his preparation to meet his brother Esau and the actual meeting. Jacob was willing give-up everything unconditionally including all his hard-work, wealth in order to reconcile.Jacob's life changes there!!

Once I used to be a computer programmer, one of the difficult things is to correct the code written by someone. Once we had a unique situation while programming medical insurance software. One programmer said with prudence, "instead of correcting it is easy to rewrite the program".

I compare the life of a person in relating to our Master Programmer. I imagine our life is been written on a sheet of paper. We initiate and write many things as per our whims and fancies. Then we ask God to continue from there. God may not write anything there because what you have started may not be the plan of God at all. He is the Alpha and Omega (Revelation 22:13 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End). If He starts then the end will be perfect; if not!!.....???

It is better rub off everything and give a clean sheet so that He will re-write our life completely according to His perfect will.

Rub what is written on our mind and on the sheet, give it to God, He will write a perfect plan for our life!

Give a blank paper to Him!

by Francis Somerwell 
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