Oct 10, 2011

How to tackle teens?

    Now a days people find it difficult to control their teenage children.

Here are some of the problems and solutions.
1.Teens are not obeying the parent.
2.Spending more time in internet.
3.Not speaking happily with the parents rather talking hours together with friends.
4.They think that my parent doesn't know about this generation.
5.They are into some relationship which is really harmful.
6.They get angry very easily.
7.Satisfying them is a tough task.

There are many other things and that will be shared in the coming days.

If you agree with me pl follow some of the guidelines.


1.Start praying for your child and cover them by Jesus ' blood daily.
2.Pray for their salvation.
3.Stop arguing with them.
4.Stop scolding them for their wrong doings instead love them.
5.Feel frankly about the dangers of love affair.
6.In the beginning you may need to act but surely the child will come to you once saved.
7.Without salvation the Satan will drag the child into the world.

Before getting into sin let us bring our kids to the right knowledge of Salvation.
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