Oct 5, 2011

Lillian Trasher (1887-1961) - Missionary in Egypt

Lillian Trasher (1887-1961) - Missionary in Egypt


Lillian Trasher was born in Georgia in America on September 27, 1887.

Even at an early age she was prepared to dedicate her life to God. Later on she worked at an orphanage. Little did Lillian know that this is where she would get her training for her missionary work.

Lillian attended a bible school, pastored a church, did evangelical work then returned to the orphanage.

 She became engaged to be married but ten days before her wedding she heard a talk given by a missionary from India. She was deeply moved. She cancelled the wedding knowing that God had called her to Africa and that she must obey.

She did not know what to do but she collected her meagre possessions and went to a missionary convention.

She knew that God would provide, after all it was His calling.

Lillian and her sister Jenny were soon in Egypt and at a place called Assiout.

It was a beautiful place but was full of poverty and homeless children. Lillian was now on her own and living in a small house with no support from the missionary society. She was reduced to begging.

She rode about on a donkey asking for food and collecting children as well as donations!

By 1914 the Assemblies of God were supporting her work. A year later she had fifty children in her orphanage. By 1923 she had three hundred orphans and widows in her care. In 1927 the Egyptians rose up against the British rulers but God protected her and the orphanage.


Houses were looted and burned but the orphanage was untouched. Lillian told everyone of God's power.

She was really on her own during the American depression because all of her support ceased. But it was God's work and the orphanage increased in size.

 In 1961, after over fifty years in Egypt and a lifetime of obedience to God, Lillian finished her work on this world and was with Him in the next.

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