Oct 14, 2011

Two blessed days with Bro Steve

Last week I got a call from Bro Steve (Steve's Gym Power Team) asking me about my availability in Chennai.
My immediate response was 'yes'.He had an interview in US consulate for the Visa.I picked him up in the morning and than we went to the guest house to fresh up.The interview appointment was at 11.30 a.m.We reached there around 11.00 a.m.He came out after some time stating that there is a mistake in filling the application and you can come for the interview next day at 7.30 a.m.Little upset but took it lightly.We straight away went to our office in Avadi.As we are in the process of putting up a shed on the top.When the fabricator came Brother Steve gave some valuable suggestions.After that took some books to be given to an uncle on board to Mumbai.
We had the lunch at 4.00p.m.After that we went for the paper work. In the morning I got a s.m.s. from my cousin reg his visit to Chennai for a day or two.To have a fellowship planned to meet him in Hotel Connemara at 6.30 p.m.Well ahead of the schedule we reached but I forgot to give the car for valet parking and when I reached the parking lot there was no place.I called my cousin Joshua about any other place.He asked me about the status about Hyaat and I confirmed the opening of Grand Hyaat as I was there for a High tea last Sunday.
To my surprise he than insisted for Hotel Savera.We reached there.After waiting for few minutes my cousin came and took us to the Minar Restaurant on the 11th floor.I knew that Long back Joshua worked in that hotel as a steward and now the lord has blessed him.I waited for him to share.To my surprise as soon we entered he saw his 20 yrs back colleague there.Both were speechless for a while.When we were discussing in the restaurant Bro Steve shared the good news to to waiter. Mean time Joshua told about his previous experience in the hotel,Than the waiter got a call in cordless phone asking for Joshua.He was stunned that the same person is sitting there as a guest after 20 years.Bro Steve who has a passion for souls never misses a chance to share the gospel.Now the room was turned into a gospel room and everyone had a privilege to listen to the gospel.We had very little food but we gave Jesus to many.While coming back when they went to the Gym Bro Steve led 3 boys who were trainers into Christ.Amazing isn't it.
The full day turned to be a soul winning day.
As per the time we were suppose to be in the Consulate at 7.00 a.m.Before that at 6.45 I handed over the books to Vedanayagam uncle for Mumbai.We reached there on time.Bro Steve returned with a smile.He told me that without seeing the documents they issued the VISA.Isn't it amazing when we do his job he takes care of our job.From there we went to have our breakfast.He shared the gospel to the waiter and he prayed the sinner's prayer with us.Than we went to book tickets.He shared the gospel to a RPF personal.Then we went to YMCA where a worship team from U.S. was staying.Met them and also met many men of God there.Praise the lord.Met Bro Rajah Prabhakaran (Christ for every soul) after long time.Dropped him in the station and reached home.The lord still guides and unites his people.
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