Oct 12, 2011

...An Unexpected Letter...

Praise be To God alone...:):) Hope you all doin Great in the Mighty name of Jesus...Love n blessings to all...

Ephesians-6:2 and 3
"Honour your Father and Mother"-Which is first Commandment with a Promise-that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long..

Well the point is why am talking about it right now... We all are growing up...we have our own dreams...we have our own idea of living...sometimes we think our mom n dad don't understand us we think we have Generation gap...am sure every one thinks that.....sometimes i do so....:( But may be itz true ...they are elder to us...may be they dont understand us But it doesnt mean we will not respect them..we have to do because God wants us to do that..God's word say..
'Honour your Father and Mother' and 'Anyone who curses his Father and Mother must be put to Death'
So we don't have options...
Ultimately the word Honour in the Bible associated with value..It could Just as well read"Value your parents so that it could go well with you"So how much value your parents have to you? If you had a blank cheque that represent the value of your parents,what value you will write in the blank..?One million...10 billion...or a trillion...??would you write in a phone call,a letter.an unexpected gift,a dinner.a "thank you",an" I love you"or even a hug?may be some of you would pay to be rid of them..
Do you know what God would write on the Blank..??
He think your parents are worth Jesus..He sent Him to die for them them as much as he sent for you...:)
Jesus says anything you do for the least of these in His name..You have done for Him(Mt 25:40)If you dishonour your Parents you will Dishonour Christ..
And i think no one wants to do that...:)
Remember the time when we use to blaber no one use to understand what we are saying...?? if am not wrong they were our parents who use to understand you and give us all we want...:)
Remember the time when we were kid and we were in our world....of fairy land or may be some alien war world...our Father was our super hero...my mum was the most beautiful lady in the whole universe.
Remember the time first day of our school who hold and our hand took us to the gate of school  and stand for us before our school gets over m sure Mom n dad...
n then time started changing...the world which use to revolve around Mum n Dad got new people in there life...they were Our frndz...:):) we tried every possible thing to be like them...But still we was the same for mom and dad..:)
then your college life started may be sm staying wid parents may be sm moved out of the home for higher studies bt it doesnt create a difference, becoz we dnt have time for them we are so much busy in our lives...
n then the day came we fall in love...n jst a new person who was wid us frm last 21 days we forget the relation of 21 yrs...is it good..is it manner we honouring our mum n dad...?? then one day we are well settled in our life n we have all the best things we wanted n yu got an unexpected letter from our Parents...
Here it goes....
My Child..,
When I get old,i hope you have patience with me,
Incase i break a plate or spill soup on the table because i am loosing my eyesight,i hope you don't yell at me..Older people are sensetive..always having self pity when you yell...
When my hearing get worse and i cant here what you are saying, i hope you will not call me "Deaf" Please repeat wat you say or write it down...
M sorry my Child...I am getting older..
When my knees get weaker, i hope you have patience to help me get up like how i used to help you while you were little, learning how to walk..
Please Bear with me
When i keep repeating myself like a broken record..i hope you just keep listening me..Please Don't make fun of me or get sick of listening of me..
Do yu remeber when you were little and you wanted a balloon?
you repeated urself over and over until yu got what you wanted.
Please also pardon my smell...I smell like an old person,please dont force me to shower.My body is weak..old people get sick easily when they are cold..i hope i don't gross you out..
Do yu remember when you were little? I use to chase you around because you didn't want to shower..
I hope you can be patient with me?when I'm always cranky its all part of getting old.you will undersatnd when you are old.
And if u have spare time.I hope we can talk even for a few minutes.I am always by myself all the time and have no one to talk to..
I know you are busy with work..but even if you are not interested in my stories plz have time for me..,,,
Do you remember when yu were little?
I used to listen to all stories about your teddy bear.
when the time comes i get ill and bedridden, i hope u have the patience to take care of me..I M SORRY if accidently i made the bed wet n dirty n make a mess..i hope yu have the patience to take care of me during the last few minutes of my life..M nt going to last much longer,anyway..
When the time of my death comes..i hope yu will hold my hand give me strength face death..n dont worry
And finally when I will meet our Creator..i will whisper in His ear to bless Because u loved ur mom n Dad..Thank yu so much for ur care..we love yu...

With much love,
Mom n Dad

still frnds we have time...,go home call up ur parents say sorry if u dishonour them not because they deserve it because you are feeling it....:)
God will bless you more n more :)
"Remember the time when you came to this earth..screaming,covered with the blood...who was there to give u your first Hug...they were ur Parents...so stay wid them till they need there last Hug...-Written by Payal James"

just want to say n end this up...Honour ur Father n Mother ask ur forgiveness if u did smthing wrong...u will be blessed...:):)
Stay calm n holy...:)
Jesus love is Amazing n m truely Amazed by His Love...:):)
By Nupur James
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