Nov 6, 2011

The devil in disguise ......[ Something I learnt lately :D]

The devil in disguise ......[ Something I learnt lately :D]

Red horns, red arrow tail, black underpants and cloak, sharp white teeth ...... sound familiar ? I thought that’s how Satan looks like. Surprisingly no... check out Isaiah 14 vs 12 and 13.Bible says he is a morning star and son of dawn pretty much an angel. Does that mean he’s white with white robes and cool wings ? No again

I accepted Christ few years ago and life was pretty smooth. There were few ups and downs but it didn't change the love i had for Jesus. Lately i was preoccupied with lots of things in my life [unnecessary things] friends, too many friends, many many friends, parties, dinner out and more friends.i enjoyed lot of people around me, the music and the attention i received from them. It was a fabulous feeling....Hearing people praise me, love me and being accepted and wanted was the coolest thing know... Everybody wants to be loved and accepted by everybody

This went on for few months until I recently realized that I was royally deceived :/ I did a check on my spiritual life and realized that I was way behind on my bible reading and my prayer life was slowly deteriorating. I literally kept God on hold while I went to experience people praising and loving me. I was ignoring the voice of holy spirit for the world.

That’s when I realized the devil is the master of disguises. He s not gonna come to u with something you are not familiar with, he’s gonna get to u through ur weakness, your wants....he’ll be in disguise. Don’t be deceived, stay alert. He’ll eat up your spiritual life before you know it. Just because you accepted Christ doesn't mean Satan gives up on ur soul. He’ll plot and try hard to get to u....

Now how do we avoid being deceived by this master of disguises ?

1. Keep reading the word of God ( its the coolest book ever) you ll find all your answers there and this word of God helps you to stay strong, identify and resist the devil in whatever disguise he may be.

2.Talk to God about everything....I mean everything. Your wants and desires, if your feeling jealous or hate someone.Only He can help you through the weakness. Cause through this weakness Satan will try to hit you :P

3. Always remember that Jesus loves matter what. Make sure that your relationship with Him grows. Probably sit down once a week or two and analyze if you learnt something new in your spiritual life , has it improved and if your relationship with Jesus growing or fading.

4.Spiritual Help - Discuss your social and spiritual life with your mother or father, a mentor, or anyone you can open up and talk to, maybe your Sunday school teacher or youth pastor, anyone. I do that with my mother. Pray with them... be honest and transparent. Their experience in life and the guidelines they give saves us a lot of trouble :P

4. Pray for Good Godly friends. Friendship is important. Make sure you choice them wisely. Friend in Christ is a friend indeed... :) trust me - there’s nothing like sitting over a coffee, talking about the word of God and discussing chapters. I donno what people feel about it but talking about His love and promises is so encouraging and strengthening.... makes me super happy :D and sometimes when am up to some mischief, knowing or unknowingly they are there to give one shot on the head and say “ Do u think Jesus would be cool about it ?”

To all my friends ...Love you all in Christ Jesus, Keep growing in Him.He’s the only one who can love you for who you really are. Jesus is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, the only God. Say it, feel it, be proud about it..... God bless you Jesus freaks !!

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