Nov 22, 2011

Indian Table tennis Stars Shine for Christ

Arul Selvi and Arjuna Award Winner S Raman


Arul Selvi loved table tennis. "Like most sisters, I learned the game from my brother Ravi," recollects Selvi.

But Ravi's interest waned and turned to other things, leaving Selvi to fend for herself in table tennis. "I felt so insecure and was struggling to practice, that I almost gave up playing, but fortunately I met Raman."

S. Raman, a budding champion at that time motivated her to continue playing.

"But what attracted me more than his encouragement was the difference in his life."

Raman shared with Selvi that Jesus had made the difference in his life, and invited her to church. Arul recalls, "I was challenged by the priest to accept Jesus as my Savior as He had died for my sins, in order that I could have peace with God."

Arul gave her life to Jesus Christ and told her parents who were orthodox Hindus. They accepted her faith in Christ and even allowed her to marry Selva Kumar, who is from a Christian family.

Arul Selvi, like everyone else, has her ups and downs in table tennis. Once she ranked #1 and now she is ranked #8 in India.

Whatever her rank may be, she is never ashamed to proclaim the reality of Jesus Christ in her life. Whether it is over Bangladesh TV when she won the gold medal at the South Asian Games in the mixed doubles or with her fellow players.

S Raman

Subramaniam Raman, born in Chennai, is an Arjuna Award table tennis player.


Raman learnt the nuances of the game at the Santhome school, Madras. Raman got his maiden championship in table tennis at Goa in 1993. He also went on to win the gold medal in 1995 SAF games.

In the same year, Raman was conferred with Arjuna Award, one of the highest civilian awards in India. Two years thence i.e. in 1997, Raman teamed up with his compatriot Chetan Baboor to bag the doubles gold in the Commonwealth table tennis meet that held at Glasgow.

Thereafter, Raman secured yet another National Championship title in 1999 in Lucknow. In the same year, he won the doubles gold again at the 1999 Commonwealth Championships, the first one being in 1997.

S. Raman is one of few Indian tennis players who have excelled at the international circuit as well.


On the roads of Kamlesh Mehta and Chetan Baboor, this ace player gained equal fame in both the sectors in tennis. Employed with the Indian Oil Corporation, Raman was a fitness freak and was reputed to be one of the fittest players in the national circuit. An Arjuna Awardee, this ace player has made a significant name for himself. Raman has to his credit a number of medals in both national and international tournaments. In the following lines, we have provided detailed information about the career of S Raman.


  • Won the doubles gold in the Commonwealth Championship in 1997 and 1999
  • Gold in the 1995 SAF Games
  • Arjuna Award


I firmly believe that the greatest of all achievement that Raman would boast on the day when we meet the Lord is not about all the above mentioned ones..Rather it would be the one that brought Arul Selvi to Eternal life in Christ Jesus.....

Let’s pursue the Heavenly goal no matter where we are placed...

If we say God Use me as I am.. He will Definitely pay a way out for the earnest soul........

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