Nov 29, 2011

Nasir's Vision

A Born Again Christian Testimony
From Ruben P. Gutierrez of Hope In Christ Ministries, Nasir's Vision

Reverend Nasir Iqbal was raised in a nominal Christian home in Pakistan. As a young man, he moved to Saudi Arabia to pursue a career in electronic engineering. After some time in Saudi Arabia, Nasir decided to move his young family to the United States to build upon his successes.Shortly after his arrival in New York, Nasir opened a convenience store in Brooklyn. Then, on a spring day in May 1995, Nasir was robbed, severely beaten over the head with a metal pipe and left for dead. As he lay in the hospital in a coma with traumatic brain injury, Nasir was visited in a vision by the Lord, Jesus Christ. Jesus asked him if he wanted to live. Nasir replied, "Of course, Lord, I want to live.
"You Must Be Born Again"
Jesus told Nasir, "Nasir, if you want to live, you must be born again." When Nasir awoke from his coma, a Christian pastor visited him later in his rehab center room. Nasir told the pastor that he wanted confession before he died. The pastor replied, "Son, confession alone does bring about salvation. You must repent of your sins and ask Jesus into your life so that you may be born again."Nasir remembered what Jesus spoke to him in the vision about being born again, so he asked the pastor, "What must I do to be born again?"The pastor said, "Pray after me."That day, Nasir gave his life to the Lord and his journey began as the Lord restored his fractured life and brought him new hope. Since that encounter, his doctors have been amazed at how Nasir has recovered. They never thought Nasir would walk again—he did. They thought he would never be able to read or study again—he has.As further testimony, Nasir was able to study and pass the smog technician certification test in half the time it took the rest of his class.
A Second Visitation
Nasir was visited by the Lord a second time. Jesus told him that He was going to use him to reach people of different languages. Soon after this, Nasir took a job with Good Shepherd Ministries with their International School of Ministry (ISOM). Nasir's language skills in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, and English allowed him to excel in his new position. Six years later, Nasir was directed by the Lord to begin Hope In Christ Ministries International (HICM).The vision of HICM is to take Nasir's message of hope, healing and restoration through Christ to the nations using TV broadcast, the Internet, and healing crusades. Reverend Nasir and HICM are seeing God's name glorified as signs, wonders and miracles follow His Word that is preached.With the help of his wife, Fabina, his two children, and a small staff of volunteers, Hope In Christ has purposed to be a resource for both Christians and those seeking to know Christ. Native Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi speaking people, as well as seekers from Sikhism, Hinduism, and Islam are encouraged to contact the ministry with specific questions and prayer requests.Christ is always the answer! Currently, we are broadcasting our television program, "Asha Ki Kiran" (Ray of Hope) throughout Canada, Europe and the Middle East. We conduct healing and outreach meetings in local churches where people are exposed to the grace of God through physical and emotional healing. Also at these meetings, people are accepting Jesus into their hearts as Lord and Savior, and are being encouraged to become part of a local church body.

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