Nov 21, 2011

Recent feed back from mumbai...."How to make Mumbai free of prostitution"

We hope that many of you read our article "How to make mumbai free of prostitution" We are pleased to give you the recent feedback received.

We are doing little but our Lord is doing great things as detailed below

Ø Jamuna Mansion is a building with 2 wings, 5 floors in each wing. Previously, It was fully crowded with minimum 5 ladies in a room. Now many rooms are closed. Few ladies are operating from the rest of the rooms. Further, they are living in a constant fear because of frequent Police raids.

Ø Krishna Building: all rooms are closed and agents are standing on the roads.

Ø Omnivas buildings: 5 to 6 ladies are only operating in this building and these ladies are from one village in Andhra Pradesh.

Ø Ghat kopher: Few ladies are only operating in this place and most of them are very old.

Ø Biwandi: Mariam is a Garhwali operating with more than 30 ladies. Her customer husband is working in Police department. Now many ladies ran away from her and 5 ladies are only operating with her.

Ø Peela House: Ladies are not allowed to stand on the road because of drainage work.

Praise Him for his mighty works among this community.

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