Nov 23, 2011

Testimony of a young Hindu boy Naveen

My testimony starts even before I was born. When I was in the 7th month in my mother’s womb, she fell very sick which led to severe vomiting and dehydration. The doctors informed my mother that they could not guarantee the life of the child which in turn would harm her life too. After 2 months, I was born heavy and healthy on Aug 10, 1989 Thursday at 23:36 hrs. My parents named me NAVEEN which mean ‘NEW’. When I became two years old I had pneumonia, which led to severe congestion in my lungs which stopped me from breathing normally and while I was at the hospital, doctors told my parents that It would be hard for me to survive. I became perfectly fine within 2 months, and there onwards I grew up as a normal healthy baby. Watching this, my mother was really very happy and few months later she took me to a Temple to worship. There was a big pond in front of the idol. While my mother was worshiping the idol, I slipped in the pond and I was drowned. My mother yelled and cried and after few minutes a lifeguard dived in the water and helped me out. I did not breathe for half hour and they thought I died. After some time I gained back my consciousness and l was alive again. When I was 4 years old, my entire family was invited to a wedding and I being a little boy, I was playing around in the wedding hall and while I played, I found a High voltage electric wire left unattended. I was attracted towards that wire and as I touched the wire, I was highly electrified and almost fried to death. My cousins tried to pull me back, but they could not help. Then my elder brother tried pulling me back and something supernatural happened and I was released from the shock and all my fingers were burnt enough to let all my bones be visible. It took a lot of time for me to write normally being a little child. As I grew up day after day, Very often I would get weird dreams and nightmares where I would get up late night and start to cry loudly. I would not able to talk anything except to cry and cry loudly. This continued for a very long time as I eventually ended up going to hospital. When I became 7 years old, One day while I played on the streets, I fell down and bruised my left knee. The wound healed eventually leaving a white patch behind where my skin failed to pigment. I visited many doctors and I would eat 9 tablets per day but nothing would help. My parents were worried that my skin would not pigment and it could spread all over my body leaving ugly patches behind. After 5 years of medical treatment, my skin began to pigment and I was healed.
My family travelled to Hindu temples year after year, offering huge money sacrifices in order to find peace, joy and good health. I was one among them who followed the same tradition and religious practices. But even after doing all these things there was sin filled deep inside my heart. As a teenager, I began to talk lies, steal money, use abusive words, give company to those who smoke, drink, and who took drugs. Though I ritually and traditionally followed the Hindu tradition, I still found my life to be empty deep inside my heart.
When I was admitted to High School, I had 8 friends who accompanied me with the sin I was caught in. Pornography was our main topic of discussion whenever we met. One among my friends was named Joy, though he was from a Christian family, he did not have the real joy in his life. After 3 years, I graduated my school and joined the University for further education and in the mean while, I also joined Steve’s Gym for my workout as I was physically weak. My Gym and college life went on very well.
One day when my friend Joy had to leave his college, He met an evangelist on his way back home who invited him to a bible study. As joy started to regularly attend the bible study, there was a radical change in his life. All my friends met together again after 4 months of our college. We were all surprised to see a very big change in Joy’s life. This time he did not speak any bad word not involved in our lustful conversation. This new life of Joy really stumped us and we were very mad at him for this change which seemed so stupid to us. Every time we met from this day onwards, Joy would explain to us about the Bible and how God destroyed the whole world with water in the time of Noah. We would patiently listen to him. At the end of his conversation we would mock him.
After many days passed by, I went to gym. I found my trainer (Lamech) reading bible from the time I came in and till the time I finished my workout. I became very curious watching him read the Bible for so long time. When I went to him and asked “what is so special about this bible? There are thousands of verses... how do u refer them”? Lamech then explained about the bible and shared the love of Jesus Christ with me. This really made me feel so unworthy. I realized that even after I committing so many sins, Jesus still loved me so much by dying on the cross of Calvary for me. Lamech then prayed for me. For the first time in my life, I felt very peaceful within my heart. I could not explain it to anyone. He also gifted me a Bible, which I began to read everyday more than I would read my college books. As I read, I felt that God was directly talking to me. The more I read, the more I felt Him talking to me. I was on a vacation from college for a while and when I went back, my friends at college found a very big change in my life. Because, I stopped talking bad words and jokes. From there on, Bible became a very important part of my daily life. I never slept each day without reading the bible. Six months passed by and I found a change within myself. There was a good change in my character and my attitude. During this time I also used to worship Idols in my house, go to temples but at the same time also read bible and prayed to Jesus too.
After 7 months, it was time for Hindu festival where idols are worshiped on this day. A day before this festival, as was going home back from college, one of my good friend named Deepa who is a Christian, told me that she is not going to wish me for this festival. When I heard her say this, I was hurt and asked her the reason for not wishing me... She gives me an example: “what if a stranger walks into your house and in front of your parents, you hug them and call them mummy and daddy and give them all the love? How would your real parents feel? Won’t they be hurt? Won’t they break down in tears watching their own son calling someone else as mummy and daddy? Same is the feeling of the heavenly Father who created you and called you by name even before you were formed in your mother’s womb.” As she told me this story I broke down in tears and this was a spark in my life which opened my blindfolded eyes. I was speechless the entire evening. Next day when my parents told me told me to bring the idol home. At that time, I really felt like breaking the idols into pieces.
This was a remarkable day in my life where I began my real worship to the true living God through Jesus Christ. That night I asked for forgiveness all my heart and I praised the lord all night. The following Sunday onwards I began to attend church and started my spiritual journey with the Living God. As few Sundays passed by, my parents notice a change in my lifestyle, because I stopped visiting temples, participate in the idol worship and I refused eating food offered to idols. This behavior of mine, made my parents aggressive which made them to argue and shout at me every while I prepared to go to church. But somehow by the grace of God, I would make it to the church regularly. As I worshipped the lord everyday by praying and reading bible, one morning I was taught about importance of being baptized by Lamech. After a few days ,when I was reading bible, God spoke to me through Acts 2:38 “Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.” When I read this verse, I was so convicted to be baptized. On Saturday morning I took a pair of clothes and as I left home, my mother questioned me where I was going? I told her that I’m going out for a swim. I got baptized and God filled me with His Holy Spirit and a new feeling came inside me. From this day onwards I began to share the Gospel wherever I went – In my college, bus stops, everywhere I went I would feel much burdened to share the love of God.
Every now and then arguments would break out at home, concerning my Christian life and I would very upset and very tensed about my situation. I will be filled with anger when I would be forced to worship idols. I joined my higher studies and one Sunday, (This was the same day where the idol festival was celebrated) God spoke to me the same day in the church through a sermon to have Faith in Him as He would test my faith. As I came home an argument broke out and it went so bad that my parents asked me to bow down to that idol. I refused to bow down and I told him that I would worship Jesus alone and not any idol. My parents became very upset and He beat me so much that I was asked to leave the house. My right cut open near my fist and its was bleeding continuously. I was thrown out and I picked up my bible and by Faith I walked out trusting in the lord. I did not know what to do or where to go. I spent the whole night on the street. Taxi drivers would look at like a murderer as my hands were bleeding. I was so afraid that the police would put me in jail. I was bitten my thousands of mosquitoes. My body began to itch with red spots the entire sleepless night. Yet, I did not get any disease. (Mean while I was on an outreach mission trip, I met Pastor A. Stephen on my way to Coimbatore. He spoke the word of God in to my life and I began to weep for an hour after I heard this. He became a very good friend of mine as he started to care for me).
When I came out of my house, I lived with Pas A Stephen for a week. Until then, I did not hear from any of my family members. After a week my mother call me and she cries asking me to come back home. I told her that If she wants me back as her son, then I would not worship any idols but worship the God of the Bible – Jesus Christ Alone. She eventually agreed and till today I am still living with my family proving the love of God and showing a change in my lifestyle day after day.
God began to bless me so much that I was overwhelmed with great joy. God gave me firm stand in Christian life. He also blessed me to preach at Cornerstone Church whenever possible. Today I travel to many places, distributing Gospel tracts on the streets, preaching gospel to the local village and I see many lives transformed through the love of Christ.
I graduated my college with 1st Class “A” grade and God blessed me with a job at Hewlett Packard as a Level 2 Hardware Dispatch Supervisor. By the grace of God stood out to be the best employee and I was awarded for the same. I am very happy that God chose me to know his love and my life is totally transformed by His power and grace and I am free from all sin.
I give all glory to God for saving a lost soul like me.
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