Dec 7, 2011

Bridegroom Baffled

It was a Sunday! The church service started by 9 o clock in the morning.

Once the church bell rang, people came and sat inside. But Lizy had come 15 minutes earlier, knelt down in the first row and was praying with tears for the service.

Pastor Benjamin used to feel very happy to see Lizy in the congregation every time.

The young Lizy was saved from a background of prostitution!

Pastor Benjamin was the one who told her clearly about the love of Christ and that he forgives all sins and trans-forms us into new creation. He was the one who baptized her once she repented.

Lizy held on to the Lord firmly, as she survived the hurling storms and the thrashing turbulence in her life without shaking a bit and grew to be a matured believer in the church.

As days went by, Pastor Benjamin was very pleased with Lizy ‘s good behaviour and decided to marry her to his own son. Hearing this news, there was a stirring among the people of the church.

When they gathered together to talk about the matters concerning the church, the elders of the church were arguing about Lizy who was ordained to be married to the son of Pastor Benjamin. One among them said,

“Our Pastor should not have done this. Won’t he get a good girl for his son? Why on earth should he choose this girl from such a bad background for his son?” Another person said, “If I were him, I would never have chosen such a girl for my son!”

Another person said,
 “How will it look if Pastor’s son goes out with a girl like her? What a disgrace!”

One more person said,
“What is the guarantee that she will not return to her old ways?”

When they were discussing and stressing their views like this, the Pastor’s son who is the bridegroom entered the room and said,  “You are not arguing whether she is good or bad!
You are actually arguing whether or not the blood of Jesus Christ is able to cleanse a person from all sins? 

Everyone sitting in that room was greatly shocked.

Neither did they expect to see the Pastor’s son there at that time nor could they answer his question.

We are not worthy to point out the sins or to talk ill of the past life of someone whom God forgave! If we are talking like this, it only means that we’re degrading God and the power of his blood!

“the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.” (I John 1:17)

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