Dec 27, 2011

Testimony – Kanika Paul (A Sikh Convert)

   Today I was asked to write my testimony. But where should I begin from, is it why Christ chose me or how I found Christ..? Maybe well to say that how He chose me and revealed Himself to me. Thus I had a hunger in me since I was a kid. Born in a sikh family, and following my family religion never satisfied me. And deep down my heart said there's something else for me and my search continued. One day I was sitting with my mother in a sikh temple and I heard a voice that said to me, 'Jesus is a loving God' I still remember that voice that I heard in my childhood and it made me think, who was it ? I thought to ignore it but the words spoken sowed a seed in me. The same words were laid on my heart. I suddenly craved to go to Church and while I was small, I used to run away to a church close by my house during the times my mother used to sleep. I used to go there and meet the pastor and ask him questions about Jesus. I started sitting in the church and seeing the image of Jesus. And by this time I was feeling more pulled towards Him. But since I was not getting any further answers, I somehow continued my family's religion, with a seed of Jesus in my Heart. Many years passed by. I was in college and used to go to the church just to be with Jesus and I started feeling His love. It was in 2003, I went to Mumbai to do a course. There I met a Christian friend who gave me my first bible. I went to a  Church with her and was amazed to see the anointing of Holy Spirit in church people. When I went to this church, I felt the same love of Christ that I had been feeling since childhood. That was the day, I rested.!! I got a conviction that my search has ended. I got the anointing of the Lord on 3rd July 2005. It's been the most beautiful experience of my life. I still remember that warmth, I got when the anointing came upon me. The feeling of joy and felt a burden been lifted up. I started speaking in tongues and prayed and prayed endlessly. What a joy and blessing it was...!!  I took  baptism on 17th July 2005 and completely gave my life to Christ.

Lord has done wonders and wonders for me. The most precious for me is that,'He revealed Himself to me'. He gave a hunger in me and since He is Faithful, he gave me His water to quench my thirst. He showed me the way to eternal life and that our sins are forgiven in Him through the sacrifice he did on the cross for all of us. I feel now I am beautiful, coz' my sins are forgiven. I love my new life in Christ that he has gifted me, my daily walk with Christ in Spirit and to be with Him in my prayers and tell Him how much I love Him and thank Him for bringing me to light from darkness. I found in Christ that there is a God who has taken away our sins, so that we live a sinless life and be perfect in the image of Christ. I feel so free now. No bondage, no sin, and I know he will take me further.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well...Psalm 139:1 
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