Jan 7, 2012

515#You're A Revolutionary

"They may label you a RADICAL, they may call you a REBEL or a MISFIT or a FREAK but deep inside, you know what you are...

 An uncommon people poised to shift a common culture.

 REVOLUTIONARIES make history.

(Martin Luther – The Protestant Reformation)

 They're ordinary people like you and I who choose to fall out of line and dare to do extraordinary things.

 REVOLUTIONARIES birth REFORMATION, and REVOLUTIONARIES are not common...but we're not speaking to common people...

You and I only have one life to live, and one life to give. Every breath you breathe will be sown into something; for most it's sown into little or nothing.

 But for the REVOLUTIONARY, that's unacceptable, because obtaining the ordinary is offensive...

 True REVOLUTIONARIES long to see Heaven invade Earth...

REVOLUTION is born in the heart of the REVOLUTIONARY the moment they find a cause worthy of sacrifice.

Choose to fall out of line...Live a RADICAL life... show the world a radical love and speak a radical language.

 They will label you a RADICAL a REBEL a MISFIT a FREAK but deep inside, you know what you are- you're REVOLUTIONARY!"

-Daniel Norris

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