Jan 28, 2012


            Then Mary took a twelve-ounce jar of expensive perfume made from essence of nard, and she anointed Jesus’ feet with it, wiping his feet with her hair. The house was filled with the fragrance (John 12:3) (NLT).
            While living in this world, we will have many preferences, we will have many desires, and we may have many troubles. We can say our life on this earth is a mixture of the situations. We cannot know what may come to us in the very next moment. It is not uncommon that one should be going through all the above phases. But the one who walks with the Word of God only knows the remedy of the situations that are coming to them. We see Jesus was calling all the people who are weary and heavily burdened, for He has got the rest to give us when we to come to Him in weary and burdened (Matthew 11:28). To listen to this call and to come to Jesus what we should have as basic element is humbling ourselves. Coming to Jesus is not just an action, but it is an action with an expectation that we will be saved. When we pour out our heart to God then we will be heard (1 Samuel 1:15, 17).
            The biggest enemy of our life is none other than our selves. It may sound hard teaching, but it is true. Bible always gives an instruction for all of us to humble ourselves (James 4:10). Jesus said, the people who humbles will be exalted to high places(Matthew 23:12). Humbling ourselves, it means pouring out ourselves at the feet of Jesus and get ourselves empty. For we consider ourselves as precious for us than anything else. When we read about an incident where Jesus was anointed at Bethany, we see this incident in four of the gospels. Book of Luke says, the woman was living a sinful life and known as a sinner (Luke 7:37, 39) and she came to Jesus and she brought an alabaster jar of perfume. Bible says, this perfume that she has brought is an expensive perfume (John 12:3). Matthew and Mark says, she poured it on the head of Jesus (Matthew 26:7 & Mark 14:3), but Luke and John says she has poured it on his feet and started wiping off His feet with her hair (Luke 7:38 & John 12:3).
            We can see here, the actions of woman step by step, First it was ‘Breaking’, she broke the jar, second “Pouring”, then she poured out the perfume on His feet and then third, “Wiping”, she is wiping off the feet of Jesus. This is what we should be doing when we are coming to Jesus. If we apply this to our life, our heart is the alabaster jar in which we are like expensive perfume. When we come to Jesus and pour out ourselves at his feet and empty the jar, then we will be among the one of the people whom Jesus’ loved so much. What the woman got in return of this action, her sins were forgiven (Luke 7:48), and got an additional privilege wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world, it will be told about the woman and about this incident(Matthew 26:13, Mark 14:9). And more over her whole family was loved by Jesus (John 11:5). When we do the same at the feet of Jesus, our sins will be forgiven and we will be the living testimony of Jesus Christ (Matthew 24:14). Let us all come to God and pour out our heart to Him and empty ourselves and be filled with Spirit of God, and move forward in the way of faith.
            GOD BLESS YOU
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