Jan 21, 2012

How can i know i am Saved?

20 Signs Of Biblical Salvation

1. Repents & believes the Gospel.

2. They have a humble heart - God's word (seed) falls on "good ground"

3. They are broken & they mourn over their sin.

4. There is a hunger discipline to: read, study, share, and/or teach God's word.

5.     They are obeying God's Word— out of love for Jesus.

6.     They are forsaking sin & do not practice sin.

7.     They are surrendering all to Jesus.


8.     They passionately love Jesus & are conforming daily to the image of Jesus.

9.     They have a servant's heart & love other believers.

10.    They separate themselves from the things of this world & do not compromise.

11.     They are "born again", and they show evidence of a new nature.

12.    They overcome Satan’s lies, temptations, and anything contrary to God's word.

13.    They are enduring hardships, trials, testing’s, and persecutions for Jesus.


14.    They are pursuing & growing in holiness.

15.    They are growing in the grace & the knowledge of our lord Jesus Christ.

16.    They fear God & turn away from evil.

17.    They are denying self & daily following Jesus— and are not ashamed of Jesus.

18.    They're readywaiting, and anticipating the sudden & soon return of Jesus Christ.

19.    They're productive & bear much fruit by giving Jesus their: time, money, talent.

20.    They hold to essential Christian doctrine.


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