Jan 29, 2012


            Jesus said to the people who believed in him, “You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teachings (John 8:31).
            When we read about Jesus there is something that makes us to think of His disciples. We know how they came to Jesus, how they were transformed to be the disciples, how they were trained in this as they move and walk with Jesus for everything. Bible says out of these twelve disciples, Jesus loved a disciple so much (John 13:23, 21:20). But the question here is what makes them into the true disciple of Jesus? Jesus said, the one whoever remain faithful to the teachings of Jesus will be the true disciple of Jesus. We can see there were many other disciples besides these twelve who were there with Jesus, but when Jesus was teaching about the living bread, all of them has departed Jesus by thinking that the teachings of Jesus will not be accepted, and they are hard teachings (John 6: 60-66). Were they not taught by Jesus? Were they not hearing the message about God from Jesus? They are doing as we are doing now, but they did not remain faithful to the teachings of Jesus.
            The most important thing to be a follower of Christ is remaining faithful to the Word of God. If you want to receive what we need we must abide in Him (John 15:7). To build a life on the basis of Jesus teachings, we need to submit our life to the Word of God. The Word of God should be our guide to direct our ways (Isaiah 30:21). There are four things that lead us into wrong way. They are namely, Culture, Tradition, Reason and Emotion. These four things will lead us into the wrong direction in our life. We must be strengthened to overcome these things for these four are the source of the troubles in our life.
            If we really want a perfect standard that will never lead us into the wrong direction, that is the Word of God. Bible says, the Word of God is flawless (Proverbs 30:5). Yes, this Word of God makes us the true disciples. When the time comes to us to make a decision in the life we should take the right decision by considering what Bible says about the situation. Sometimes we may feel pain when we hear the message of God, but the pain is to make us strong. Let us all come to God and hear the teachings of God and abide in them and then we will become the true disciple of Jesus Christ.
            GOD BLESS YOU
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