Feb 22, 2012

Bill Bright - Can You Help Me Pls?


Someone once asked Dr. Bill Bright , founder of Campus Crusade For Christ, how did you know what God was calling you to do with your life ?

 I keep waiting to find my purpose, but feel so lost.

 Dr. Bright said

 "the most important way to know God's will is to totally surrender to the Lordship of Christ. Ask Him to guide your steps. You are in God's will if you are surrendered to Him. The God who created everything guides our steps.

All He wants is surrender and he'll tell us what he wants us to do.

 Don't give much thought to what you will do in the future ... Surrender to Him now and he will guide you in the rest.

 I live by Philippians 2:13 "for it is God who works in you both to will and to act according to His good purpose."

So as I walk in the Spirit I can know that God will guide my steps.


For example, in 1951 my wife and I decided we wanted to be total servants to Jesus.

We wrote out a contract and fully surrendered everything we owned or would own to Jesus. Approximately 24 hours later God gave me the vision we called Campus Crusade For Christ.

 I'm sure if there had been no surrender and contract with God there would have been no vision.

 You can know God's will by full surrender to Christ, and by allowing the Holy Spirit to control you."

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