Feb 18, 2012

How to make mumbai free of prostitution-update

This is a latest update from a Mumbai based ministry.
Geetha (name changed) is a Christian from Andhra Pradesh, husband and 2 children are in the village. They came to know her activities. Hence husband took the children and he does not want her. Here she lives with a customer. She can read and write Telugu. We visited her house on 7th Feb and gave Karuna moorthy Telugu book to read. She was reading the book for few days then stopped reading. One day she saw somebody standing near the door and knocking it. She opened the door but could not find anyone. Then she realized that person was Jesus Christ. After the encounter she started to read the book daily. She was unable to eat food before. Now she is able to eat. She stopped CSW job. Now she wants to go and see her children. She wants prayer to live a holy life.   All glory to the Savior.
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