Feb 28, 2012

How to make Mumbai free of prostitution update 29th feb 2012 update

Please find below an article from Mumbai Mirror, dated 27 Feb 2012, page 7. Mr. Vasant Dhoble, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) is in charge of Socilal Service Branch of Mumbai Ploce. He conducts several raids in Dance bars and Red Light areas. Please read the article and pray for him:
Miffed by raids, bar owners send contract killer after ACP
Intelligence sources informed Police that the supari killer has been offered Rs. 1 crore.
In a desperate attempt to keep their business afloat, some dance bar owners in the city have hired a supari killer to go after after a cop, who has been conducting a series of raids on their bars. ACO Vasant Dhoble of the social service branch of Mumbai Police said that he won’t back off because of the threat.
For almost a year now, hundreds of dance bar owners tried to get Dhoble transferred or kicked of the force by filling countless complaints against him, accusing him of corruption, and malpractices. A Police officer said that they felt that their Rs. 3500 crore industry was threatened by the raids Dhoble had been carrying out ever since he began heading the social service branch, after Arup Patnaik took over as Commissioner.
Dhoble has not backed down even though he has been offered bribes to stay away from the bars, said a Police officer. He added that most of these bars are involved in prostitution rackets and other unscrupulous activities and the raids by Dhoble’s team were creating a hindrance. Another senior officer on the condition of anonymity said, Dhoble has been very active. News of the supari contract is proof of his good works as only those who perform attract these kind of threats.
The ACP is the only officer in the Department who has over 100 court case filed against him. Every day a number of allegations pile up against Dhoble and Police say that the dance bar owners have tried to use their political connections to get him expelled, as well. However so far none of the allegations against him have been proven to be true.
When contacted, ACP Dhoble said, “I will not be scared off by such tactics. I consider each day as my last in the force and will carry on with my work. If I get suspended, I will consider it a long leave, and if I am dismissed, I will consider ii as my day of retirement”.
There are around 325 orchestra bars, ghazal bars, beer bars and night clubs in the city. If a bar is involved in prostitution and other rackets, the revenue in prostitution it brings in is between Rs. 75 lakh and Rs. 1 crore per day. Dhoble is said to have raided over 150 bars in the last ten months. SSB records show that the department has made 1634 arrests and rescued 604 girls, of whom 10 were minors.
 From Mumbai Mirror    Monday Feb 27, 2012, Page 7

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