Feb 10, 2012


            So get rid of all the filth and evil in your lives, and humbly accept the word God has planted in your hearts, for it has the power to save your souls (James 1:21) (NLT).

            When we are living in this world we do not have knowledge of the Word of God, but when we come to Christ to get transformation in Him, we will then understand the Word that is in us. We cannot say that we do not have the Word in us, it is there, because Bible says the whole creation is the outcome of the Word of God (Genesis 1), so when we believe that we are the creation of God then we have the Word of God planted in us. But the thing that is considerable is how we receive the Word of God into our life. Are we in the group of listeners only or the practitioners of the Word of God? James says God has planted the Word in our hearts and the Word that is planted by God in us has the power to save our life from destruction.
            Listening to the Word and receiving it is different from each other. They are two actions needs to be mixed up to live. When we open our heart to the Word while hearing the word then only we can receive it. If we open only our ears to the word we cannot receive it. When Jesus was in the world, He was teaching the disciples a parable of the sower, He compares it with the Word. Jesus compares our heart with the land that is sown, and the Word as the seed. The four attitudes of our life that Jesus was talking about are – a closed mind (hard soil), a superficial mind (shallow soil), a distracted mind (soil with weeds) and the open mind (good soil) (Luke 8:5-8). Jesus warned His disciples to consider carefully what they have heard (Luke 8:18). We should consider what we are listening to and receive it with our heart. James says the way how to accept the Word of God, it is humbly accepting the Word (James 1:21). Yes, we need to be humble when we are listening to the Word of God. The most important factor that works in us which distract us from the one who is teaching the Word of God is “PRIDE” within us, we need to win over it and humble ourselves to listen to the Word of God.
            Apostle Paul says, when we hear the Word of Truth we are included in Christ (Ephesians 1:13). To see ourselves with Christ we need the Word of God in our life. James understands the importance of two things about the Word of God. First is listening to the Word and secondly applying it to life. If we failed in any one of the above two things we are deceiving ourselves. It is written in the following scriptures. If we just listen to the word and not receive it into our life we are deceiving ourselves (James 1:22). Today let us all come to God who will give us the humbling spirit to listen the Word of God and accept it and see the seed growing in us and become fruitful for God. Bible warns us every tree that is not bearing fruits will be cut off and thrown into the fire (Matthew 7:19).
            GOD BLESS YOU
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