Feb 21, 2012

Sister Prema’s Life- A testimony of God’s true love and power to transform lives

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)KJV

Sis Prema was born into a gypsy family at Hassan in Karnataka. Her father was a worshipper of goddess Kali. He was a devout who sacrificed buffalo calves and drank the blood to evoke blessings of the goddess. In her adolescent years Prema often wondered if the God whom her father worshipped, really cared for her and her family. She was born into a large family with 8 siblings. All she saw and knew was stark poverty and misery. As kids they would beg in the village to get a meal. She yearned to go to school. She dreamt of a life of a privileged kid, well attired, sumptuous meals, a good education and comfortable life, but her family could afford none of this. She was given off in marriage at the age of 15 and by the age of 22years she was the mother of two daughters.

But still as a young woman Sis Prema had the innate desire to know the true God. In 1992, as she went to a village selling goods, there was an open air crusade going on. For the first time in her life she heard the preacher saying Jesus Christ is the way, and the truth, and the life. The words struck a chord in her heart. She wondered if this could be the truth she always wanted to know. Even as she was pondering over it, she tried to brush it aside saying may be its true but this God may not be for the gypsies. She was about to leave the premises when the preacher prophesized from the pulpit calling her to commit her life to Jesus Christ. She had the conviction of the Holy Spirit and Sis Prema yielded to the Holy Spirit committing her life to Christ.

As the crusade got over Sis Prema realized that she was late to return home. The women in her community had to return home before dusk or she had to prove her chastity to be accepted back into the community. Fearing repercussions at home she prayed as she traveled back home to her new Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. She prayed for His protection. She reached home by 11.00 pm but to her amazement she found everybody to be normal and no one questioned her. She thanked God and she was thrilled to know the True Living God. Sis Prema attended the crusade for the next two days and was baptized on the fourth day. She found the joy and peace in the Lord.

Sis Prema’s commitment to God alienated her from her husband. He was offended by her new faith. He asked her to renounce her faith in Christ and return to their gods and goddesses. She stood firm in her faith in Christ and that infuriated him and he drove her out. She came back to her mother with her 2 young daughters. Her mother was upset but accepted her back home. The very next day of her return, her mother passed away in her sleep. Two days later Sis Prema’s youngest daughter died. She was shattered. There were more deaths in the family and people in the community held her responsible for the sudden deaths. They wanted her to give up on her faith and worship the gods of their forefathers. Soon the community elders came together to punish Sis. Prema for her defiance.

They wanted her to be one among them or leave the village. Emboldened by the Holy Spirit she proclaimed the Gospel to her people and accepted to leave the village with her daughter. Her brothers were infuriated; they wanted to kill her for bringing dishonor to the family.

Sis Prema reached Bangalore with her daughter to a pastor’s home. She had no money and no means for a livelihood. Desperate she prayed and waited on the Lord. She finally was led by the Holy Spirit to come to Chennai in 2000. She came to live among the gypsies at Avadi in Chennai.

But life was not easy. It was full of trails and tribulations. Life became miserable as the hutments were pulled down by the Government to relocate them far from the town. She came to live on the footpath like hundreds of other gypsies. She stood steadfast in her faith. She cried to the Lord to reveal His Purpose in her life. She couldn’t make a living, every attempt she made to earn a living turned out to be a failure. Gripped in poverty and debt she looked up to Him for a solution. She fasted for 40 days in 2001. She wanted to know His calling in her life. She had the calling to serve the Lord. She started distributing tracts at the Avadi Railway Station. God revealed that she will pray for the sick and He would heal them. God reminded her of His promise to prosper her and bless her.

One day as she was distributing the tracts a lady passed by, Sis Prema handed over a tract to her. Tears rolled down her cheeks, Sis Prema asked her what made her cry. The lady revealed that she was just retuning after visiting the doctor and that she had been diagnosed with a tumor in her uterus and that it had to be operated, other wise she may not survive. She had no money for the operation. Sis Prema comforted the lady with the Word of God and prayed for her. A week later the same lady came back to meet Sis Prema and told her that she was just returning from the doctor and he had confirmed that she has no tumor. She was too excited to see Sis Prema. She handed her Rs12000/- as an offering.

Yet things were bleak at the home front. Still in debt Sis Prema was discouraged. People spoke ill of her and she was humiliated. One day in 2005 she was too upset and heart broken she wanted to just end her life. She didn’t want to live this wretched life on the footpath with her daughter. With the desire to die one day she left home, as she walked she kept crying. On her way she met a man of God, Bro. Jivi Jebaraj who consoled her and encouraged her to live for Christ. He comforted her from the Word of God. He prayed for her to be strengthened by the Holy Spirit and work for the Glory of The King and Savior Jesus Christ. He gave her Rs 1000/- and asked her to go back home to be with her daughter. The peace of God rested upon her; a new life was unleashed in her. From there on she came to be used by God for His Glory.

Sis Prema ministers among the sick and they are healed. She casts out demons in the name Of Jesus. God has been faithful in fulfilling His promises in her life.

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Jeremiah 29:11:KJV.
Her daughter is married to a pastor and is well settled. She is reconciled with her brother who wanted to take her life. Her brother has accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. God has bestowed all physical and spiritual blessings in the life of Sis Prema today. She travels far and wide proclaiming the Gospel and bringing healing and deliverance to hundreds of people.

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